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Also under the four-day system, school days missed due to inclement weather can be made up on what would have been the fifth school day instead of at the end of the school year.

Arguments for a four day school week

However, it is neither the trees nor the campfires that make Outdoor School my place of perfect contentment. You must provide compelling evidence for your argument, and address and rebut the counterarguments. The four-day school week is being implemented in several states, notably Kentucky and Colorado, he said. For a variety of reasons, many school districts are beginning to consider alternative options to the five-day school week that may include changing the days that students attend school and the hours of which they are present. I love the program so much so I have returned five times. It also is a good way for staff and students to keep up with work and lives outside of the school scene and to make time for families. It did not help that my birthday was this month and I got a lot of candy and sweets as gifts. They have deciphered through the pros and cons to determine which would be the more effective and more promising for their school, teachers and students. It is imperative that the quality of education that students receive does not get sacrificed for any reason. In other schools, staff felt that they were able to do a better job with more instructional and planning time "Four-Day". The four-day school week for students in Colorado was introduced as a cost-saving measure, and the improvements in academic results were the opposite of what had been anticipated, Walker explains. Some school district have teacher meetings and training day on the extra free I never really thought I'd get the chance to do it.

Hewitt, Paul, and George Denny. All of this increases the efficiency of instruction, said Lane. With the five day school week that runs for seven hours a day, we receive 1, hours with days.

benefits of having a 4 day school week

More than 50 percent of school districts cut spending on extra-curricular activities in the school year; and for the average school district in the United States, 29 percent of positions were eliminated which led to the average class size increasing by 62 percent Domenech.

Drugs are commonly misused because of the lack of education people have surrounding how the drug should be taken, or what the consequences of taking the drug may be. By implementing the four-day school week, school districts would reduce spending by 20 percent on the salaries of janitors, bus drivers, food-service workers, and substitute teachers.

Those who hold these positions would experience a decrease in their salaries due to the shift from a five-day school week to the four-day school week; but in the midst of a financial crisis, especially in the education system, many people are feeling the burden of a struggling economy.

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