A history of shakespearean literature in the english renaissance

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Changes to the canon[ edit ] While the canon of Renaissance English poetry of the 16th has always been in some form of flux, it is only towards the late 20th century that concerted efforts were made to challenge the canon.

The language of the Book of Common Prayerfirst published inand at the end of the period the Authorised Version "King James Version" to Americans of the Bible had enduring impacts on the English consciousness.

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Despite these laws, Shakespeare did not appear to be afraid to write about Catholicism nor to present Catholic characters in a favorable light. Many elements of The Spanish Tragedy, such as the play-within-a-play used to trap a murderer and a ghost intent on vengeance, appear in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Its plot contains several violent murders and includes as one of its characters a personification of Revenge. This revival of interest was instrumental in the development of the new drama, which was then beginning to make apart from the old mystery and miracle plays of the Middle Ages. The second sequence— Richard II —96 , Henry IV, Part 1 and Part 2 —98 , and Henry V —begins with the deposing of a bad but legitimate king and follows its consequences through two generations, probing relentlessly at the difficult questions of authority, obedience, and order that it raises. John Webster c. It was integral in developing Europe into a powerhouse. He focused on creating human characters with psychological complexity. Lyly's play Love's Metamorphosis is a large influence on Love's Labour's Lost , [4] and Gallathea is a possible source for other plays. Church architecture essentially continued in a late Gothic style until the Reformation, and then stopped almost completely, although church monuments , screens and other fittings often had classical styles from about the mid-century. There is also in the school a strong tendency towards aphoristic statement. Thomas Dekker — Thomas Dekker — was an Elizabethan dramatist and pamphleteer. Visual arts in the English Renaissance were much less significant than in the Italian Renaissance.

The poems from this period are largely songs and apart from the major names, one sees the two pioneers Sir Thomas Wyatt and the Earl of Surrey, and a scattering of poems by other writers of the period.

They were the Italian and the Northern renaissance. Shakespeare utilized his knowledge of Greek and Roman classics when writing his plays. If discovered, Catholics faced stiff penalties or even death.

The colossal polychoral productions of the Venetian School had been anticipated in the works of Thomas Tallis, and the Palestrina style from the Roman School had already been absorbed prior to the publication of Musica transalpina, in the music of masters such as William Byrd.

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The Italian and English Renaissances were similar in sharing a specific musical aesthetic. They often drew on the more human-centered classical writing and art of ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration. Dekker is noted for his "realistic portrayal of daily London life and for "his sympathy for the poor and oppressed".

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Sidney died at the age of 31 after suffering for 26 days from a gunshot wound in his thigh. He tended towards a morbid, gothic view of the world. Visual arts in the English Renaissance were much less significant than in the Italian Renaissance. The upheaval in social hierarchy allowed Shakespeare to explore the complexity and humanity of every character, regardless of their social position. In the 18th century interest in Elizabethan poetry was rekindled through the scholarship of Thomas Warton and others. Shakespeare utilized his knowledge of Greek and Roman classics when writing his plays. He wrote a variety of plays, both comedy and tragedy. Models began writing dramas that portrayed life in both realistic and imaginative ways. Literature[ edit ] William Shakespeare , chief figure of the English Renaissance, as portrayed in the Chandos portrait artist and authenticity not confirmed. In the Henry IV plays, which are dominated by the massive character of Falstaff and his roguish exploits in Eastcheap, Shakespeare intercuts scenes among the rulers with scenes among those who are ruled, thus creating a multifaceted composite picture of national life at a particular historical moment.

The plays of one group— The Comedy of Errors c. About a fifth of all Elizabethan plays were histories, but this was the genre that Shakespeare particularly made his own, dramatizing the whole sweep of English history from Richard II to Henry VII in two four-play sequences, an astonishing project carried off with triumphant success.

John Webster c.

A history of shakespearean literature in the english renaissance

It is said the phrase without rhyme or reason stemmed from a quatrain Spenser sent to Queen Elizabeth. Shakespeare is unequaled as poet and intellect, but he remains elusive. However, the Italian tragedies embraced a principle contrary to Seneca's ethics: showing blood and violence on the stage. During the Elizabethan era, people were entertained by sources of entertainment, such as plays, music, and poetry. Some poems, such as Thomas Sackville 's Induction to the Mirror for Magistrates , were highly regarded and therefore "in the canon" but they were omitted from the anthology as non-lyric. Renaissance style and ideas, however, were slow to penetrate England, and the Elizabethan era in the second half of the 16th century is usually regarded as the height of the English Renaissance. Music was one of the many sources of entertainment during the Elizabethan Era. Baroque era covers the period between and beginning with Monte Verdi birth of opera and ended with deaths of Bach and Handel.

When she took the throne, Queen Elizabeth I forced conversions and drove practicing Catholics underground with her imposition of the Recusancy Acts.

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The Influence of the Renaissance in Shakespeare's Work