A history of the alamo in texas

When the provisions ran out, surrender would remain the rebels' only option.

Texas revolution

The new chapel roof was destroyed in a fire in The Low Barracks, the chapel, and the wooden palisade connecting them are in the foreground. Travis was grateful for any reinforcements, but knew he needed more. Today, more than 2. The Texans called "Texians" at the time didn't like the new ruler. Courtesy of the Gonzales Memorial Museum. Reinforcements began to trickle into Bexar. Civilian non-combatants such as women, children and cooks were spared. Now fully committed to bolstering the Bexar garrison, Smith directed Lt. There, the Mexican soldiers placed three cannon, which could fire over the walls of the roofless building. It was created in by Mary Maverick and clearly shows statues within the niches.

Travis became sole Texian commander at the Alamo on February It was added by the U. Jameson to Sam Houston, commander of the Texian forces. Mexican soldiers drove a second group across the prairie.

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But ignoring these reasonable objections, Santa Anna stubbornly insisted on storming the Alamo. Army quartered troops and stored supplies at the Alamo. The army refused, and the church made no further attempts at retaking the complex.

Who won the battle of the alamo

Jameson boasted to Gen. Meanwhile, the Alamo had been under siege for days, and it fell early on March 6, with the defenders never knowing that independence had been formally declared a few days before. Once the heavy pounding reduced the walls, the garrison would have to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds. For the next two months they repaired and fortified the complex, however no records remain of what improvements they made to the structure. Its Role in the Texas Revolution To many Texans, of course, the most important use of the Alamo was as a fort during the Texas revolution. When was the Battle of the Alamo? The Alamo became a U. Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page. Colonel Neill had complained that "for want of horses," he could not even "send out a small spy company. Army when it leased the former chapel from the Roman Catholic Church to use for storing hay and grain. After the conversion, the still-unfinished Valero chapel was stripped of usable doors, windows and hardware. Decline of Spanish Rule: In response to increased French and American threats from nearby Louisiana, Spain mobilized its military into the Texas frontier after the turn of the century. Two days later, on March 3, James Butler Bonham, who had been sent out by Travis with a call for reinforcements, crept back into the Alamo, his message delivered.

During most of the siege, however, he was at the Convention of at Washington-on-the-Brazos and not with the army.

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15 Facts About the Battle of the Alamo