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Is The Butterfly Revolution a morality tale? What I got out of the story was the danger of dictatorships, the fear of the oppressed, the danger of mob thinking, the emotional development and underdevelopment of this boy and all the boys.

It relates the history of the Jews from Creation to the death of Moses. What is the task of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee? Based on your own observations of how kids behave in-groups, consider the plausibility of the actions in The Butterfly Revolution. Adopting the diary form that Winston Weyn uses, write a description of a group action that you were drawn into, perhaps against your better judgment. Name the individuals that were killed during the revolution and the manner in which each one died. To this day, there are '80s pop songs that put me right back into how I felt wh I have a hard time separating this book from my own literary and emotional development. What are some of the things he does that show this?

What is the task of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee? The violence and the chaos that have been unleashed culminate in the tragic hanging of Don Egriss by the girls at Low Pines, whose, frustrated desire to take revenge upon Mason finds expression in the killing of an innocent victim.

The punishment doled out to "counterrevolutionaries" keeps the campers frightened and contained.

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What happens when the older boys go butterfly hunting? I can see now the underlying theme of literacy, but at the time, that was so not what I got out of this story although reading it as an adult and a parent, I can see how she would be upset at the content required of a thirteen-year-old.

Also privy to this process are Winston and a couple of friends of his from the middle age group.

What sentence in the book shows this? Write a one-sentence description of the plot of The Butterfly Revolution. Reading example essays works the same way! Because of the diary Winston has kept, there is a record of all that has gone on. Most helpful essay resource ever! Reilley orders him to get a map of a nearby town and to locate buildings on it. With Mason dead, the girls threaten violence and are given Don Egriss instead. Using fictional names and the diary format, write a description of a group action that your narrator is drawn into—one that has serious consequences. How does Reilley benefit from the confusion at the camp?

He buries Don and, shortly afterward, the police arrive, tipped off by another escaped camper. Meanwhile, the girls at Low Pines have been actively calling for John Mason's blood due to the rape he committed.

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