Accounting 3200 midterm exam

External failure costs are the consequences in terms of repairs, servicing, and lost future business of delivering defective products to customers.

Accounting 3200 midterm exam

The average cost per unit will vary from one period to the next. The CPA should be wanting to present two information concerning the revenue and cost behaviors of the Auto tire.

Question 3 is TEN points. A production order is issued. In multiproduct companies, the mix of products sold remains constant.

Most experts agree that management effort should be focused on preventing defects. Performance reports: compares budgeted data to actual data in an effort to identify and learn from excellent performance and to identify and eliminate sources of unsatisfactory performance. Direct labor hour direct labor cost machine hour units of product. The fixed element is constant in total over the entire relevant range. Internal users like CEO, CFO, Managers want accounting information for special purpose, the accounting information can be very detail, It is for future decisions. Emphasizes financial consequences of past activities emphasizes decisions affecting future. You may cancel anytime under Payment Settings.

How can the information be presented in a better format for the president? The report helps managers understand the importance of quality costs, spot problem areas, and access the way in which the quality costs are distributed.

The variable costs line possibly goes up with the extra hour workers being added to the work force.

Is computed by dividing the total estimated manufacturing overhead cost for the period by the estimated total amount of the allocation base. Operating Leverage a lever is a tool for multiplying force.

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Accounting Midterm Exam Essay