An analysis of mary maxfields arguments in the article food as thought resisting the moralization of

For example, many cultures make richer foods and value heavier body types that may result from such consistent consumption of these foods that are high in fats and sodium. This introduced the idea there is a capitalistic motive behind perceptions of health. Many researchers believe that the regulation of fast food could potentially start declining our obesity rates. The people of the cultures who eat richer foods in larger portions may see eating less or differently as unhealthy and the people who belong to the cultures that feature smaller portions and less fats and sodium may believe eating more or differently would be unhealthy. Both opinions can be true because most ideas of health are subjective. Maxfield attempts to back up her claims about health with commentary from other sources, however her sources are unreliable due to their backgrounds. Divergent thinking is a thought. In order to make a complete argument, I had to read the article over and over again. Although, Maxfield has interesting observations and makes some valid points, her arguments are very contradicting due to her being biased and not having sources with credibility. If we eat fat laden foods, we end up feeling sluggish and tired.

Rubin] on Amazon. Food as thought resisting the moralization of eating pdf Response to Food, Inc. To fully understand the various arguments requires looking at numerous viewpoints. I have never made an argument in the form of an essay before, and I believe this will better prepare me for future assignments.

Maxfield uses the idea that these perceptions are based on culture to support the conclusion of her argument.

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what you eat is your business

She plays the in the orchestra and succeeds in everything that she does Food is made up of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat. A controversial issue discussed has been whether we should have theories or ideas on which diet works best to increase weight loss or whether we should have any diets to begin with.

food as thought resisting the moralization of eating by mary maxfield
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Food As Thought : Resisting The Moralization Of Eating Essay