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National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Zhang J, Yu KF. Although the magnitude of effect was relatively small, results suggest the relevance of the control of psychological stress to the non-therapeutic management of high blood pressure. However, further analyses showed that when OR were converted into relative risks, a relative risk of 1.

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The exclusion of the Matthews et al. Stress would be associated to risk factors such as obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse and physical inactivity and they would cause blood pressure increase.

Blood pressure reactions to stress and the prediction of future blood pressure: effects of sex, age, and socioeconomic position. Measures of effect of highly heterogeneous studies have low validity When only confidence intervals were available, they were converted into SE When emotional stressors are prevailing, this condition is known as psychological stress.

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Global burden of hypertension: analysis of worldwide data. Further research investigating the role of stress in hypertension pathogenesis should be conducted.

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Circulating human heat shock protein 60 in the plasma of British civil servants: relationship to physiological and psychosocial stress. Toward a causal model of cardiovascular responses to stress and the development of cardiovascular disease. In conclusion, although the magnitude of effect was relatively small, results point to the relevance of control of psychological stress for the non-therapeutic management of high blood pressure. A systematic review followed by a meta-analysis was conducted aiming to assess the effect of psychological stress on blood pressure increase. Undertaking systematic reviews for research on effectiveness. Extensive trials of over randomized trials indicates the efficacy of behavioral treatments for hypertension 5. This finding corroborates other findings of studies on the association between psychological stress and blood pressure increase 27,28,

A total of 2, studies were found, of which were cohort studies. In addition, heterogeneity between studies was non-significant when the outcome was hypertension, exposure was measured by recovery, combinations of tests, females and studies with longer years of follow-up and lower losses.

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Analysis of the Pressure Drop Increase Mechanism by Ash Accumulated of Coated GPF