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It does quite a few audits to verify that your site is ready to go for PWAs, which is like a web app that you use on your phones, but also covers all the other options.

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Say we want unit tests, but we don't have any. How do you even start? I've tried Lighthouse, I haven't tried that one yet. In the interviews, lurkers mentioned that this was their preferred method so that they could avoid making a mistake and being rejected by the group. And I've found that that is the best way to get people onboard, is when it's harder to do the wrong thing than it is to do the right thing. Is there a demand for that? That only covers people with enough visual disability to need a screen reader, but there's plenty of other physical disabilities that make how you interact with the web useful for accessibility purposes. Ethnography is better for understanding a single community but not multiple communities. Pinehurst Rathskeller offer original artwork from award winning artists around the south, professional and hard to find art supplies like french paper, french ink, german handmade paintbrushes, Blackwing graphite pencils, top of the line acrylic, oil and watercolor paints, lettering nibs, and canvases. Joel Hooks: I mean, do you have any advice, then? I've seen that. I can be in there actively doing these things and running audits and showing the result of that work, I think.

In the case of open source project communities, the vast majority of questions have already been asked and answered in the community, making any repeated questions wasted work. These authors also found that participants demonstrated a reduced likelihood of rating movies when ratings were valuable to oneself than when ratings were valuable to someone else.

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So, it's related. The business will never provide a budget for this.

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Have you had experience doing that? Have you found yourself in that situation where you were a champion for accessibility? And the truth is that the features and the ability to make things accessible is already there, but no one's been using it, so as far it being solved, we may have answers, but if they're not being used, then clearly there's still a problem. Obviously, the people writing the code have a lot to say in how applications functions, but you're right. These authors also found that participants demonstrated a reduced likelihood of rating movies when ratings were valuable to oneself than when ratings were valuable to someone else. Is there a demand for that? What does it take? I was like, oh I feel so guilty. I actually hadn't even heard of that before a couple weeks ago, and we ran it on our site and were surprised. Jen Luker: Yeah. So, we can build, I can actively build accessible components or build accessible pages and think about that and work on it and add it to part of my project without necessarily having explicit permission or making it a corporate mandate of some sort. The best thing is that Amy is not alone in her journey!

Joel Hooks: So, there are certain challenges there where if I can see the video and hear the video it works for me. If the observation is just on the community in general than no information may be gained about the lurkers because they are not visible.

Are lukers still learning

And I think that's something that most people would associate, oh if it's accessibility that means we can use a screen reader, but that isn't necessarily the end of the definition of accessibility. I am currently working on the abolition of polygamy in colonial Fiji and the effects of different marital regimes on family health. Marcy Sutton actually said a few years ago she applied for a conference with an accessibility talk and the response back was they rejected her because it was a problem that was already solved. You can push back. It isn't just the technology, it's also the text, it's whether it's understandable, it's whether people can find the flow of the website usable in an easy manner, if it's actually a user-friendly website. Our authors come from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, and everything they write educates me! Before the Pinehurst Hotel closed, the art colony met in the rathskeller of the building. Joel Hooks: Right. But that doesn't change the fact that you can fix code from here on out. And in a way, these marketing principles are actually accessibility principles also. What does it take? But my interests, I must admit, are broad: the history of the family, religious change, historiography, and cultures of reading, writing and pedagogy are some.

Joel Hooks: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Every year there seems to be more events and spaces that welcome creativity and expression.

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