Argumentative essay stem cell

More so that our moral perception of these embryos is different than that of a later-stage fetus, an infant, or an adult human being.

arguments against stem cell research

Some type of these cells can be engineered into any type of cell in the human body. In addition, the stem cells research open larger opportunities for transplantation that will save lives of many patients and help them to return to the normal life. Thus the research should be allowed to pursue.

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Argumentative essay stem cell

Supporters of embryonic stem cell research argue that the research is justified, though it requires the destruction of an embryo, because of the potential for developing cures and preventing unavoidable suffering. Embryonic stem cells' ability to be produced in large quantities allows researchers to make progress in regenerative medicine, using these cells to develop new functional cells, tissues, and organs. They could, in theory, be used to replace any damaged tissue they come across. Both Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease are currently incurable there are a few drugs to treat the symptoms but no therapies to cure them exist. Hug K. The other reason for banning embryonic stem cell research development is its side effects. Although as a college student starting a family may not be on your mind yet, it is always beneficial to educate yourself on current trends and new discoveries in stem cell research. By using stem cells, scientists may be able to find cures for different cancers, certain genetic diseases, and different physical trauma damages. The American Journal of Bioethics, 2 1 , Did you know that since , researchers have been removing embryonic stem cells from thousands of embryos to create cells that could potentially save people from diseases? As stem cells divide, they have the potential to develop into a specialized cell or remain a stem cell. Also, you will know the Sources, properties, and the types of Stem-Cells. Details that are currently being used to study new medical therapies utilize collected stem cells Odorico, Pedersen and Zhang Basic Bioethics. Some stem cells research because many people would you can be.

They are best described in the context of normal human development. Surely, by working together we can harness its life-giving potential. With embryonic stem cells, using the therapeutic stem cell cloning technique, stem cells are harvested that have the same DNA as that of the patient and thus treating the person with these stem cells will pose no risk of rejection.

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Stem cell usage is a very controversial topic, because most people think of abortions, cloning, and other negative topics when they hear the term stem cell. Andres Travino and his wife were excited when their son Andy was born ten years ago.

In both of these cases, the intent of fertilization is not to create a future adult human being, and so the Loss of Future Life Problem does not apply to these sources of embryonic stem cells.

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