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While art affects culture in that it uses art as a way to depict wealth, as well as used for decoration and symbolism, and as a catalyst and form of release for the philosophical savants of that era. If you take away all man made things, do you have culture left? California is a huge melting pot of different cultures, which not only reflects in California culture but also in cuisine. Kabuki was an elaborate show consisting of music, exaggeration, exciting costumes and dance. It unified Chinese society with a common past time, and taught about Chinese history and cultural heroes. Artists influence culture every day, whether its art, music, theater or poetry. Zeus was also after other women and he took on the form of Amplitron, Alcmene 's husband. Hiring of track drivers The company hires track drivers and routinely request for driving records as part of the pre employment process. Like culture itself, the art that comes as a result is endlessly variable in both application, and implication.

Gwyn has been hiring drivers with infractions including DWI to serve the number of drivers needed. However, while their success has been praised on a global level, locally they are largely overlooked.

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Artists are looked at as well educated people who stand alone in society. We use literature for language, such as commutating with words.

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Likewise, any given culture can be represented by a multitude of art forms. Finding identity and Appropriation Art words - 5 pages what is appropriate and what is alienated As this essay discussed, there are diverse impacts of appropriation into art via those two different artists, Masami Teraoka and Yasumasa Morimura.

It is difficult to define it in one word.

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People also like to strive to An artist is defined as "a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination. For example, the Tate refuses to buy the works of Zarina Bhimji, whose photgraphs are of Uganda.

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Essay on Cultures Influences on Art