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But then such utterances offer nothing for the scientist in her lab or the historian in her academic class to dispute. So do you. Sigal Samuel is a former associate editor at The Atlantic, covering religion and global affairs.

The Founders had already chosen a motto, of course, but E pluribus unum proved too secular for the times. In particular, it matters very much to most Christians that, as a matter of historical fact, Jesus rose from the dead.

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The Oasis Network , which brings together non-believers to sing and learn every Sunday morning, has affiliates in nine U. Scientific and historical criticism of religious belief is impossible. And that may or may not be about God since there is no reason to take anything any religious book "says" seriously, let alone literally -- unless it corresponds to some deeper truth we've experienced ourselves about how to treat others. And our minds often prefer righteousness over truth , as the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has explored. No one cares! They are thinkers like George Santayana, a thoroughgoing materialist who scoffed at human progress to the point of indifference to human suffering yet loved Catholic traditions so much that he chose to live out the end of his days in the care of nuns. Science versus beliefs But are atheists more likely to embrace science than religious people? Reality was doing fine before it was named or described. In the end, the most interesting thing about a conscience is how it answers, not whom it answers to. It was striking, then, after the Revolutionary War, when the men who gathered for the Constitutional Convention banned religious tests for office holders, in Article VI.

This raises an issue for researchers, because it suggests their traditional measures of religiosity can no longer be trusted to accurately identify religious people. If I shout Checkmate! It also provides community. Why should we suppose that atheists must then fail to contradict — and indeed fail to refute — what the religious person expresses using such sentences?

So, on this view, while contrary to non-cognitivism claims are made by religious folk who say God exists and Jesus rose from the dead, there are often further dimensions of meaning or significance that are lost on the atheist.

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There are no good guys or bad guys, there's just us. Fortunately, though, nobody has to.


It usually matters very much to them that these claims are true. Given his own intellectual bent, one suspects him of delighting equally in their pessimism and their unpopularity.

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Life's Extremes: Atheists vs. Believers