Bass reeves a real western lawman

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Bass Reeves, now 68, took a job with the Muskogee police department, walking a downtown beat. Supposedly, Bass and George argued during a card game, and Bass knocked his master out cold.

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Webb was one tough hombre who had reportedly killed 11 men while living in the Brazos River region in Texas. To subscribe, click here. Burton, published in , is the only scholarly account of Reeves's life to date. Then again it might not have happened that way at all, and the dog might have belonged to Leech. Reeves was responsible for apprehending criminals in a 75,square-mile ,square-km region of what is now mostly Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Brunters got the drop on Reeves. When the four outlaws came out to help him get unstuck, he got the drop on them and brought them to justice.

The fact that he mastered these languages was remarkable considering that he was illiterate. This court had jurisdiction over much of the Chickasaw and Choctaw nations in the s.

Bass reeves a real western lawman

After noting where most of the gunfire was coming from, he plugged an anarchist who was shooting down on the lawmen from an upstairs window. The Fort Smith Weekly Elevator attacked Reeves for chaining up the two men and dragging them around Creek country for nearly a month. And while the truth about the Lone Ranger may remain a mystery, the story of Bass Reeves remains an inspiration for real-life heroes to this day. Upon retirement in , he became a city police officer in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He married Nellie Jennings, a Texas girl, in and grew crops, raised livestock and reared five boys and five girls. Parker was appointed a federal judge of the Indian Territory. The bullet, the defendant continued, struck Leech in the neck, and though Reeves sent for a doctor, the cook expired before medical help could arrive. Reeves played it cool, showing the brothers warrants for their arrest and asking them what day of the month it was, so that he could make a record for the government.

Reeves was stationed at Calvin, Choctaw Nation, and would take many of his prisoners to Pauls Valley, Chickasaw Nation, where a federal commissioner was stationed and there was a jail.

And if you were hiding, he would find you. Even so, Burton found many newspaper accounts of Reeves bringing in a dozen or more desperados at a time. He served in this position for another three years before his health began to fail.

Nobody could be a lawman that long without chalking up a blemish or two on his record. Reeves was big 6 feet, 2 inches and already a legendary marksman, and he knew the country. While riding in his buggy looking to serve warrants, he was fired upon under a railroad trestle by unknown parties.

The majority of federal lawmen were killed in the Cherokee and Creek nations of Indian Territory, within a mile radius of Muskogee, in the Creek Nation.

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