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The goal is to get your API doc readers engaged and using your product faster. But you can make this process even easier, by setting up an API explorer. Not only does it give a staggering amount of useful examples, code samples, and guidelines, it goes one further and shows you the current performance and availability status. Again, kudos to the writers. Nice one! Let me know if any content is out of date One of the challenges in any technical course is ensuring the content stays up to date. The most common reason people take this course is to transition into API documentation. Webinar: Lessons in Transforming the Enterprise to an API Platform Are your digital transformation efforts taking your business in the right direction? Examples in parameters and responses are also important. They have a remarkable range of very slick and impressive web-based tools. VI: Conceptual topics in API docs : While reference topics in APIs generally receive the most attention, the conceptual topics, such as getting started tutorials, information about authorization, rate limiting, status and error codes, quick reference guides, and other topics constitute about half of the documentation. There is also a plethora of resources available online on which you can base your API documentation. There's only so much real-estate on your screen. During development, spend time making your documentation as clear as possible, and provide access to the fundamentals at the very beginning authentication, header types etc , which will reduce the number of support requests you receive from users about getting started with your API.

Remember that your users have not spent hundreds of hours developing your API and documentation, so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to get started. Topics that will be discussed: Developing an effective API program that promotes internal reuse and a thriving partner program Techniques for implementing API governance, including an exploration of centralized vs.

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If your readers feel like it's a hassle to learn about your API in general, they'll be quick to abandon your site. They are analytical, work on important and hard engineering problems, and have a shortage of time. An example of a good Getting Started guide is Braintreewhich gives a great overview on integrating and working with their API.

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Whether you want to be briefed in plain English or to skim the sample code, a three-pane view puts all relevant info in one place and lets the user adjust as needed. Author a new Tweet, read author profile and follower data, and more.

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They are critical to the sustainability of your API.

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5 Examples of Excellent API Documentation (and Why We Think So)