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This case study is particularly significant.

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Outcomes By the end of the year, a video taken at preschool showed that Anderson was spontaneously using PECS for requests and protests. Male, age 11 Autism After four weeks of using the recording daily S.

He was able to speak clearly with correct grammar, however he rarely communicated verbally with others.

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They were instructed to play the recording daily for the first four weeks and at least three times per week for the second four weeks. He has talked about friends and he is initiating play with others.

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In addition, a variety of joint activity routines e. Initially it was very difficult for him to use the iPod because of his fine motor skills and the many steps involved to make him independent. Initial assessments were completed by his parents and teachers along with home, school and clinic observations toward completion of goals. Summary of Changes Client was assessed one month post completion of the iLs protocol. These documents include a position statement , technical report , guidelines , and a knowIedge and skills statement and are available online. The motor activities were all focused on cross hemisphere integration and done at home by R. He exhibited self-stimulatory vocalizations most of the time--very loud, fast and threatening.

The SAP also facilitated the selection of evidence-based supports such as AAC when developing educational accommodations to address these objectives.

He was highly aggressive and violent-- generally had incidents per week that were reported to the state.

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He still sometimes wandered during the day, but he stayed within the facilities boundaries.

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Autism Case Studies