Comparing romeo and juliet death scenes

many versions leave out the killing of paris. why do you think that they decide to do this

In the original play she will do anything so that her parents love her again. This event would really keep me in suspense. Shakespeare only had his Globe theatre this is where he performed his plays.

How did romeo and juliet die

The film, on the contrary, is a modern 20th century production which is also set in Verona. Take a look at a couple of responses: Example 1 and Example 2. The fact that Zeferelli followed the original play makes it awkward to connect to. Here again we see a difference between the fim and drama. Juliet hurries to Friar Laurence to confession before the wedding. Sympathy, There is sympathy in both versions of Romeo and Juliet. White doves are the symbol for peace. So this example means a heartless farmer or a cow without heart. The action and fighting would be more masculine and would then appeal to the teenaged boys. Although Juliet loves Romeo, she wants more time to be sure. Friar Laurence reports to Romeo by post to come back to Verona and collect Juliet. He brings the news of the death of Juliet to him in Mantua. In the third scene Romeo looks for help from his friend, Friar Laurence. Mercutio provokes Tybalt until they beginn to fight.

Now days we have man made lighting, we also have different coloured lights for example red lights for a murder scene. You need vast general knowledge to understand his language.

death of juliet

Another example Luhrmann creates is a car chase with the police to the church. The fact that Zeferelli followed the original play makes it awkward to connect to. Often Shakespeare uses metaphors. This technique also helps to showcase the tragic flaw that makes up the tragical Romeo.

One specific area that totally lost the audience was in the during the death of Romeo and Juliet, everything was so gawky and clumsy looking.

why do you think mantua is depicted the way it is

Romeo wants to talk with Benvolio about his love for Rosalinde, which makes him sad.

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