Creative writing prompts for elementary school students

There are a lot of things that we think about, a lot of things that we observe and interpret in our thoughts.

4th grade creative writing prompts

What questions do you ask? My magical roller blades take me on exciting adventures.

Writing prompts elementary printable

You and your classmates are all superheroes! You also need to give examples to support your solution to the problem. What would you most like to learn over the next year? Tell us the story. What is the scariest creature alive on earth? You are inventing a new flavor of ice cream! Imagine that one day, while walking back home after play, you find an injured dog. On my Africa safari, I suddenly came upon some poachers with a gun and they were about to shoot a How did this happen? Would you rather go to a baseball game or read a good book? What are some traditions you do each and every year?

Who is your favorite celebrity and what would it be like to meet him or her? Is there a sound you think is annoying?

Funny writing prompts for kids

One day, while playing with your collection of alien toys, you realize that there is a small round toy which is glowing, and looks like a spaceship. What made you feel happy? Once you start thinking and penning your version of a situation, you will know how magical and influential, the world of writing is. If not, why? Imagine one of your stuffed animals comes to life and starts talking to you. Based on your belief, persuade your readers in favor of the same, with examples to support your stance. What might be the cause? Make a list of questions to interview your parents or grandparents about what it was like when they were growing up as a kid. What makes it stand out in your mind? Inside the ancient Egyptian pyramid I discovered Will she be a rabbit forever? Persuasive writing gives you the chance to put forth your opinion on a given situation, and justify your stance on it. What can you do to set a good example for others to be kind? Write about what it would be like to live in an unusual house! How do you get around?

Who is the funniest member of your family and why? Apples or Oranges? Research what each ingredient is. Why is she so grumpy all of the time?

journal prompts for kindergarten

What would you do if you were in the middle of the lake and your boat springs a leak? You have a magical plant with you, and only you are aware of its magic.

My best vacation was when I went to

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31 of the Best Writing Prompts for Elementary School Students •