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Essentially, those who give over their life to God and accept that he is in control of their fate are loved best. As we know, Milton did, in fact, go blind in the s. It raises Milton very high in public estimation and makes him immortal. He meditates that his god gifted talent that is poetic talent will remain useless and if it remain useless, God shall be angry at him. After some years he lost his eyesight completely. His soul desires to serve God with his poetic talent which is the best power he has from God. He learns to have faith in God. It starts with a note of regret.

The poet says that this foolish thought often haunts him. The Meaning "On His Blindness" is a thought provoking poem that reflects on the reality of being blind.

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The poet was known to possess a noble and lofty character and his conduct was akin to his nature and temperament. It is therefore a folly on his part to think that God requires his services. However, the poet still wonders on how a blind man can render services to God in his condition. The fact that he was familiar with the scriptures is amply proved by his reference to the Parable of the Talents in the 3rd line of this poem itself. The extreme simplicity of the language is its peculiar attractive. Milton had previously believed that putting his God-given talent to use is the only way in which he can serve God. However, God is merciful and He has a master plan for everyone on this earth. That is why this poem is as famous as it is. The Tone of On His Blindness: The tone of this poem undergoes a remarkable change from the beginning of the poem to its end. Sharma, Kedar N. He is almighty and supreme. It is indeed a pearl in the ocean of English literature.

Milton has used two very effective poetic devices in this poem: allegory and personification. He was only 44 when he became totally blind.

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Milton was arrested in after Charles II came to the throne and lived out the rest of his life in the country, secluded from the world, working on his epic poem, Paradise Lost. If we look at the form of this sonnet, we shall find it different from the Shakespearian or Italian sonnet.

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Before leaving, he entrusted his property to his three servants. After leaving university he changed his plan and spent the next years of his life studying independently for a career as a poet. It is the inner voice of a man who has resigned himself entirely to the will of God and depends only on His mercy and justice. It is therefore a folly on his part to think that God requires his services. Both of these servants were rewarded. Like the outstanding characteristic of all great and good poetry, this sonnet has a universal appeal, far from being a mere poem. The monologue is simply fascinating. Even though Milton does not understand why God has taken away his vision, he must be patient and he must learn to accept what is given him with dignity and grace. Incidentally, this sonnet solves an age-old question.

That is why this poem is as famous as it is. At the start of the poem, Milton is very depressed and anxious.

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According to him, their service is equally valuable to God as that of the first category of angels.

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On His Blindness by John Milton: Summary and Critical Analysis