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It features three instrumental, five vocal, and four drama tracks. See media help. Her civilian personality is seen to be quite loose and sloppy, but professionally she proves to have a great sense of leadership and duty.

She also assumes Shinji Ikari's guardianship when he arrives in Tokyo-3, and later Asuka's. Mode "Eva" chapter 2 However, she was in for another surprise when Optimus Prime scanned Eva and became like it in both color and size! Drama Track Edit Hayashibara, Miyamura, and Mitsuishi are accompanied by the seiyu for Shinji Ikari and the supporting characters on the drama track Shuukyoku no Tsudzuki "After the End"a comedic parody in which the reunited cast tries to come up with ways to continue Evangelion when popular demand makes the studio order them to produce a third season even though the TV series ended after a 26 episode run.

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Mode "Eva" chapter 3 Misato watched the ensuing battle between Optimus and Starscream, noting that the Decepticon had access to the Angels' A. Katsuragi attempted to protect his daughter by placing her in a protective capsule resembling an Entry Plug seconds before the explosion.

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Misato Katsuragi