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Statistics shows that most of the divorce cases come from families with poor education backgrounds Huston I feel that the most average reason for students turning to dropping out is because of them being effected by thier family problems.

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On the other hand, many students fail to attend school every day which can lead to problems in schools. I wonder is dropping out of high school bad as some make it seem?

Poorly parented students may also leave school so they can raise some money to provide for their families.

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One way they could become effected is by thier family, is having abusesive parents. When this happens, students are at their own liability to choose whether to complete or drop out of school. Essays, words The concept of torture can take on many different connotations. At the same time, drug use is prohibited in most schools world wide, thus students who engage in substance abuse are therefore automatically kicked out of school Randall and Anderson.

Some people would define torture as the unlawful misery inflicted upon an innocent person….

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Sometimes students have problems with some subjects, especially. However, some students have acceptable reasons for dropping out. Dropping out of school causes them to drop out of school and find other ways to spend their time instead of going to school. Behind all these apprehensions, there are many people suffering since they abandoned high school. They perfectly suit people with great ambitions and high expectations from life. Essays, words The concept of torture can take on many different connotations. As the above effects point directly to the individual dropouts, they indirectly affect the society and the government as well. Suspending student who cyber bulling could be a benefit on schools and students in numerous of ways. Taking those findings you can go a step further and narrow the field to one of the causes of dropout rates, which is teen pregnancy. The benefits of this would mean that if less year olds Other Popular Essays. Thus teachers have to be very careful in handling students since they come from different backgrounds. Teachers who discourage students by telling them that they are good for nothing and that nothing special can come out of their heads also plays a role in making them to hate school Haley And although there are many reasons why a student may misbehave in school, there are some facts out there that can prevent one from being a victim of bad behavior. I think that the other students that attend the school forces others to dropout. When an individual makes the conscious decision to drop out of high school, many times the decision is made without regard to the consequences Reasons for Dropping out of School words - 3 pages reasons why they drop out from school.

There is more than one reason students decide to leave school before graduating from high school. Dropping out of school involves many life-altering circumstances, such as immediately having to make adult decisions like getting a full time job at such a young age due to having to help provide for their family.

For instance, when we have so many people living in poverty due to low income, as a result of people dropping out of school, then it means that the society has to raise some more money through taxation so as to enable the government to fund their housing, hospital and education bills and other basic necessities Gordon

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Drop Out Of School Essay