Editing challenge

You can start with the tools you regularly use and make sure you activate or access that tool, pane, panel, effect, etc. Yes, there is a script — but the dailies show a highly improvised scene, which gives you freedom to shape the arc!

A good idea could be to create sections in your timeline or new sequences all together where you can play with small chunks and really dial in the pacing or the way the pieces connect with each other. In his eyes, the car is as clean as the first time he drove it years ago. Oh, did I mention prizes?

video editing challenge 2018

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts Moving the mouse wastes time. You can now use online metric tools to evaluate an edit.

30 day video editing challenge

You have the creative freedom to do something entirely different with the scene. The scene tells the story of a man reuniting with his car in an abandoned Sicilian factory.

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