Effects of energy crisis on economy of pakistan

causes of energy crisis in pakistan

Moreover, rapid demand growth, transmission losses due to outdated infrastructure, power theft, and seasonal reductions in the availability of hydropower have worsened the situation. For instance, if industries are closed the workers will lose jobs.

But nothing guarantee[d] such price levels in perpetuity". A global soft energy path seems improbable, due to the rebound effect. Submit a Comment. Thermal power is mostly produced by burning either natural gas or imported oil. The country is yet to switch over to coal from the indigenous source of energy that is estimated to be the third largest in the world with a reserve of Consequently, the demand exceeds than the supply and hence loadshedding or energy crisis is common.

Nonetheless, menace of energy crisis can be overwhelmed by government through making effective policies and its proactive implementation.

energy crisis in pakistan
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Energy crisis & its effects on pakistan’s economy