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An example of the high resolution mxm soil loss maps and their ability to detect anthropogenic disturbances is provided for comparison location - Amazon rainforest, headwater of the Madeira River is also provided This example show the "original" data at m modelled in this study. New York: W. Flores Pairan, Morrilton, Ark. Following the publication of GLASOD, subsequent research aimed to improve the ability to predict soil erosion under global change In , total annual erosion on all cropland in the United States was estimated at 1. Wallingtord, U. Ruttan, V. Sopper and H. Palm, B. Gillespie, and A. Iverson, Biomass burning in the tropics: impact on atmospheric chemistry and biogeochemical cycles. Effects of different mulch materials on soil properties and yield of maize and cowpea in the eastern Amazon Oxisol.

In this study, we provide quantitative, thorough estimates of soil erosion at the global scale by means of a high-resolution, spatially distributed, RUSLE-based 33 modelling approach. Madison, Wisc.

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This results in an estimated overall increase of soil erosion for areas with land use change of about 0. Interciencia 8 2 : Clearing a tropical forest. Goodland, R. Ghuman, B.

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Merckx eds. Hertel, Silt can smother the spawning beds of fish, by filling in the space between gravel on the stream bed. The size and velocity of rain drops is also an important factor. Unlike previous studies that dealt with soil erosion as a static process, here we shed light on the impacts of 21st century global land use change on soil erosion.

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Draft Paper. Sustained outputs from legume tree-based agroforestry systems. The results is an extensive global data collection effort produced the Global Rainfall Erosivity Database GloREDa which includes rainfall erosivity for 3, stations and covers 63 countries. Soil physical changes and crop root growth following different methods of land clearing in western Nigeria. The substitution of forests for cropland 4. Comparison of tropical tree plantations with secondary forests of similar age. Screening of leguminous trees for alley cropping on acid soils of the humid tropics. O'Keebe, P. Land degradation and its impact on food and other resources.


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