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Particularly the leaders of primitive society increased number of wives in order to prove their superiority. Right comes along, you will know he or she is the one for you as soon as you sleep with him or her.

Traditionally, marriage was viewed as the basis of the family unit and very vital to the preservation of civilization and morals.

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The most famous of them is that a bride traditionally wears white dress and a veil, and the groom is dressed in a suit. It involved economic and sexual sharing based on spiritual and religious principles. However, defining marriage in the society of today can be a challenge. If you are a teenager and are seriously considering an early marriage, these are a number of potential problem areas of which you should be aware, so that, if you do decide that this is the best course of action, you will be alert to the possible difficulties which could lie ahead. Building a happy marriage is the result of conscious effort on the part of a husband, and wife. Many factors have been theorized to contribute to this effect. Our views and opinions on marriage and its meaning have changed considerably. In Philippines marriage is considered a lifelong partnership. It is the result of the love of two. But there are some attributes, which are similar in weddings all around the world. The deal is that couples make their choice here by themselves. Typically in a love marriage, the final step in the relationship is marriage. A lot of couples celebrate it every year, others prefer to hold celebrations once in five years e.

Polygamy is of three types: i Polygyny, ii Polyandry and iii Group marriage. Through research I will discuss my findings on the statistics on this issue, the pros and cons and of course how the community and the church reacted to this new law that equalizes same sex marriage Lower status of Women: In this form of marriage women have very low status; they are regarded as an object of pleasure for their husbands.

No child wants to walk on egg shells every day from the tension between their mother and father.

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So long as the sex relationship remained unregulated, it was maternity alone which could be known. The modern marriage is based on sexual compatibility, love and romance.

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All the brothers work together because they have to support only one family. Rarely do they endure beyond one or two generations. Disproportion of sexes in the Population: When in any tribe or society male members are less in number and females are more, then this type of marriage takes place. Marriage appears as a compromise between two committed individuals, also known as spouses. That is how arranged marriages work, someone else choses your spouse for you. Lower status of Women: In this form of marriage women have very low status; they are regarded as an object of pleasure for their husbands. Gay marriage is incompatible with the beliefs of several Christian. If it is a love match, feelings will last for a long time — the duration is measured by the desire of two. What do you think about early marriage? Most westerners have a misconception on arranged marriages. He further says if a wife takes her husband then he should live with her one year and take another wife. Brothers pay for one bride who becomes wife of all of them.

Paternity could not be determined.

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