Essay on sustainable food systems for food security and nutrition

The search yielded documents. India ranks number one in terms of food losses. Curbing the amount of food loss and waste is a tangible starting point.

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This approach can help to design and then assess sustainable production systems: it involves the use of multiple criteria and many different measurement scales. It threatens both peace and security. Executive summary. The former minister of agriculture, Sharad Pawar once said that India is wasting food products worth Rs.

Different strategies can be pursued to foster sustainability transitions in food systems: efficiency increase e.

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The local system functions in ways that reflect the interests of the agriculture and food sector: these are determined by power relations and social structures and are affected by long-standing agreements, trade-offs, and conflicts. Food consumption is variably affected by a whole range of factors including food availability, food accessibility and food choice, which in turn may be influenced by geography, demography, disposable income, socio-economic status SES , urbanization, trade liberalization, globalization, religion, culture, transnational food corporations franchises and manufacturers and food industry marketing e. An increase in animal-based production will require greater land and resource requirement, as livestock farming demands extensive land use. Yet, most of these local experiences are not directly reproducible in different agricultural—sociological—economic systems and this limits the extent to which they can be taken to scale. These linkages between food sustainability and food and nutrition security intersect at global, national, local, and household levels. There is growing evidence of the negative impact of diets on the environment, society and public health [][ 5 ]. The breadth and depth of the transformation required suggest that it must be supported by people who are committed to radical, collective and long-term change.

Suggests a general framework for food systems transformation by highlighting the four parts, each of which can be characterized with specific variables. Therefore, it appears necessary to engage even more in strengthening and furthering research and political actions in sustainable food consumption and production [ 13 ].

The food security concept has evolved and expanded over recent decades Du and King ; Committee on World Food Security ; Gross et al. We know that, if scaled up with speed, these approaches could increase food production and improve livelihoods without damaging the environment.

Any future initiative on food and nutrition security should embrace the sustainability paradigm and involve all the relevant actors along the food chain — especially consumers- create linkages with the existing global and regional multi-stakeholder processes and develop a multi-faceted research agenda.

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Sustainable Food Systems for Food security and Nutrition in India