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However, during the "memory scene" between Willy and his brother Ben, the audience learns a few bits of information. Also, another important factor in considering the main character of a story is the ability of the character to connect with the reader. However, whenever Charley offers Willy a decent job, Willy becomes insulted. In addition to this, he viewed the chances of success in terms of how well liked a person is. At other times, Willy proudly recalls memories of Biff's last football game because it is more pleasant to re-create the past in which Biff adored him and wanted to score a touchdown in his name, rather than face the present where he is at odds with his own son. His nomadic father and family roamed across the country in a wagon. Stanley and Happy seem to be friends, or at least acquaintances, and they banter about and ogle Miss Forsythe together before Biff and Willy arrive at the restaurant.

Willy Loman was born in the late s. It can find patterns and predictive signals in enormous volumes of data that humans cannot see. Willy never hears from his father again. The cause of Willy's inconsistent behavior is his unbidden memories of a long-ago affair, which he forgets or chooses not to remember until the end of Act II.

A more apt image for salespeople should no longer come from the Hollywood classics but from "Iron Man.

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He regrets being unfaithful to his wife, even though he will never admit the affair to her. To prevent such confusion, one must consider the main problem addressed in the story. As a father, Willy Loman offers his sons terrible advice. After the Boston trip, Willy tries to regain the success he once had by focusing on memories or events prior to the discovery of the affair. It is not surprising that Willy contradicts himself when speaking in the present about Biff or to him, for although Willy chooses to remember Biff as he used to be, he cannot eradicate the words Biff spoke to him in Boston: "You fake! What are the gaps toward meeting target or number? He made a fortune by the age of Willy does not envy Ben, but looks to him as model of success. Willy Loman was born in the late s. He wants to make certain that his boys are being raised correctly. This notion contrasts much of Greek theater which sought to tell tragic stories of "great" men. He placed importance in the acquisition of larger sums of cash in comparison to what he earned. In Death of a Salesman Miller explores and exposes modern American society in a brutal and scathing manner. While sales is and will always be a human endeavor and as much art as science -- intuition and acumen obviously play an important role -- the introduction of predictive analytics into the sales process is a game-changer on par with Wall Street's embrace in recent years of quants, the math geniuses now considered indispensable to investment banks and hedge funds in forecasting market behavior. He tries to praise Willy's accomplishments especially in regards to putting up the ceiling.

He tries to praise Willy's accomplishments especially in regards to putting up the ceiling. Ben, who seems at least 15 years older than Willy, departed in search for their father.

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All of the characters act in response to Willy, whether in the present or in Willy's recollection of the past. What do you think?

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