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Write a letter to the school director to protest against the decision. This guideline includes: Brief Introduction State how you will present your topic State the Language you will use Your sources used for the presentation The guidelines will be taken from what you did in your minutes oral presentation. Practise by writing while keeping the assessment tools, content, fluency and accuracy in mind. The oral presentation is your personal response to the SBA. Today I would like to talk about how to become the most popular teen in school. You hear each recording twice. Conclusion Refer back to your original question and conclude that you have proved your suggested viewpoint in 2 sentences, OR pose another rhetorical question that raises uncertainty about the future. It will also be easier to find stimuli that are geared towards your topic.

Thank you. Familiarity with the written features True or False? Reading Part 1 Multiple choice What's in Part 1?

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Read the passage carefully and grasp the main theme of the passage. Enhance your vocabulary so as to understand the word attack question.

A short text with 10 numbered spaces.

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Writing short messages. In other words, when writing the justification, be precise and concise. Do all group members need to have a group of the report?

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