Free greeting card business plan

Individual Cards—Designed for those individuals who pride themselves on finding just the "right" card for any occasion.

The Greeting Card Maker, Inc. Envelope Design The envelope is a patent pending original design that incorporates functional and aesthetic features.

Free greeting card business plan

As of yet, profitability is often sought after but not attained on the Internet. Each card being designed, embossed, stamped, cut, and assembled with great care by individuals with an eye for detail. Marketing analysis is extremely important because the planning of many subsequent components depends on it. First Class Greetings would like to concentrate on everyday cards in an effort to stabilize revenues and output. The artist is compensated through commissions based on gross sales associated with the specific artwork. In addition, environmentally safe printing and manufacturing practices by subcontractors are assured through state and county requirements and regulations. Business Promotionl Methods List of 26 promotional methods used online and offline to promote your brand and impact sales. During Phase One, efforts were concentrated on proving marketability and profitability of the concept. Customers can describe their requirements, graphics, and text to be written on the cards to a customer representative and can get a customized card either in a printed or a hand-made form. After identifying these market trends, it is clearly evident that the greeting card industry has a lot of potential and can be immensely profitable provided that you plan your business successfully. Quality—Martha Ritter and Frances Black are creative and extremely talented artists who construct all greeting cards completely by hand. The plan should also cover your full list of products and your production plan. She is a registered nurse by education and had worked 18 years in the medical field concentrating mostly in Oncology. Heartsongs is incorporated as an LLC. The success or failure of a business totally depends upon its marketing strategy which can only be developed on the basis of accurate marketing analysis.

Nevertheless, in instances of both industry giants and alternative companies, these cards and many of the lines produced by these card companies are published for mass sale, leaving hand—crafted cards and other one—of—a—kind crafted cards intended for individual sale, on a much smaller scale both competitively and in terms of market share.

The initial Coffee Notes line of cards now contains 30 coffee-related images. Management—Business Ownership Although there are three members of Heartsongs management team, each with their own title, the ownership of the business is not evenly distributed throughout the team.

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For example, you may come up with unique messages to include in your greeting cards and then develop handmade greeting card designs or use a desktop publishing program to create appealing artwork. Brainstorm Unique Ideas Brainstorm unique greeting card ideas for your greeting card business. Invitations and place cards are specialty cards which will only be available in boxed sets. Study Proven Marketing Plans With these business plans you get an eagles eye view of the market and a clear plan to penetrate it. She sees her creative background and the ambitions of her sister as a means of achieving her goal of working towards and participating in a small business. Doe may seek to sell the business to a third party for a significant earnings multiple. In addition, experienced and seasoned personnel from within the greeting card industry will be sought as the business matures. The creative ability of the design team allows Heartsongs to be extremely adaptable to the market and in its desired areas of distribution; this adaptability is one specific area of Heartsongs exclusivity. The exchange of greeting cards is one of the most widely accepted customs in the U. Governmental approvals Since First Class Greetings is an already established limited liability company, all governmental approvals have been satisfied for its start-up—including local, state, and federal registrations. These greeting cards will be completely hand-made and no machines will be used in their manufacturing process. Teens are the biggest consumer of valentine cards. The preliminary Heartsongs inventory will be complete by May and available for retailers and consumers within the months following.

Their answers provided few surprises, but did offer a snapshot of which products are doing best on their shelves. Children and teens studying in primary, middle, high schools and colleges have a large circle of friends around them and usually buy various cards such as birthday, friendship and festival cards.

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During the first year, the company is only targeting the Kansas City metro area, as it is the location where the management team will have the most control. There are no machines involved in the process of making these hand made greeting cards; rather, each card is hand cut, hand stamped, and hand wrapped before being delivered to the customer. Choosing a catchy name for it may help customers to find you. Strategic Analysis with current research! Net Profit for Greeting Card Companies 8. We realize this is costly and as a result decreases our profit margins, however, it is necessary as our sales and demand have not yet been fully utilized or determined; nonetheless, as we develop, we seek to make a majority of our supply purchases from various wholesalers and card stock suppliers. In addition to these regular necessary approvals, the U. We understand the importance of valuing the relationships of both our customers and boutique owners, priding ourselves on customer service and quality assurance; therefore, if our cards do not live up to these standards, we give our customers our guarantee that we will do everything in our ability to rectify the problem and satisfy those most important to us. Many jurisdictions require business licensing even if you run a home-based business. These cards will feature complex art and will be extremely artistic in nature. Doe intends on using a number of marketing strategies that will allow the Greeting Card Maker to easily target men and women within the target market. While studying at the University, a variety of course work and campus involvement has allowed her to gain leadership, team experience, and public relations skills, and has helped to develop her organizational ability in order to maintain a sense of balance. The two vendors currently being used were selected in consideration of quality and price. Below are the expected financials over the next three years.

If you will make handmade cards, you will need a range of special papers, pens, colored pencils and embellishments. Geographic locations Greeting card sales are highly relational to population figures.

Greeting card business plan sample

Being present online is essential, especially in the early days of your company. A definite list of retailers, contingency agreements, and contracts will be locked down in the months prior to Heartsongs finalization of its necessary start up inventory primarily between the months of May—August. Sell at Fairs and Events Sell your cards at craft fairs, church bazaars and special events. Out of these 7. Greeting cards are primarily purchased by women between the ages of 35 and 65—baby boomers. The greeting cards web presentation, editing, printing and distribution platform. These cards can be further sub-divided into the following three categories.

Therefore, it must be considered before developing the greeting card company business plan. Contact us today and get designing and selling cards today. The number of this customer segment is expected to remain the same until the year G.

Customized Cards: Our final category includes customized cards which will be completely made and designed according to the customer demands.

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Greeting Card Business Plan