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Brand loyalty is an essential core dimension of brand equity for any company who intends to maintain a long-term commercial performance and competitive advantage Moisescu, The company at this stage reviews all the information regarding sales and makes some assessments, as the market for a product or a product line start to shrink.

Also, the company under its brands sells products such as apparel, accessories, and footwear. Gustafsson, and B. By diverting the clothing shipments elsewhere, Gap Inc.

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Diversification is Gap Inc. To its advantage, the company was an early convert to web apparel retailing and continues to have an extremely strong presence in the online industry Lee 1. Demand It is well known that the demand for clothing nowadays is inelastic, as clothing is one of the basic needs that someone should satisfy. Prior to this event, in , the company purchased the Banana Republic. Collaborators In addition to its global online store, Gap Inc. Research reliability is key in ensuring the data gathering method will produce consistent results, which requires strict controls are in place to provide relevant information that reflects what is occurring now in the target markets or what may occur in the future KnowThis, Strategic Marketing Plan Riley, J. By and large, the products are the same world-wide, besides a few fit differences for the Asian markets, so there is a low level of customer responsiveness. Where a marketing strategy may fail, a company that has a solid brand as its foundation will always have the ability to overcome failure or adversity. An archive of the webcast presentation will be available for 90 days. Strategic Marketing Plan and digital efforts which will be undertaken with a planned and orderly process that will provide the company with continuity Berfield, Strategic Marketing Plan the distinctive garments with the Gap brand and seek to make it their primary destination for apparel purchases. Differences naturally exist between business, marketing and brand strategies, but continued volatility causes negative repercussions that will drive a wedge between the groups, stall communication, and reduce the transparency between strategic priorities, apparent risks, and pursuable opportunities Forbes, Strategic Marketing Plan collections based on partnerships established with popular designers and other third-party merchandizers Reuters, No Date. According to Hague changes needed within brand management expand beyond the traditional hypnotic models that compel, seduce, and sway consumers into believing a corporation is the best over all others.

Celebrity shoppers provide an added source of marketing and brand recognition for the company when the likes of Kate Middleton, Dutchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, make headlines for clothing purchases captured in detail that were made for herself and the child prince Rees,or when President of the US, Barack Obama, makes an appearance to purchase garments for his wife and daughters that garners information how what was bought and how much it cost Tanenbaum, Because Old Navy offers affordable clothing for the whole family in one store, Target and Wal-Mart are also considered serious competitors.

However, the company has plenty of opportunities that should take advantage of. We will leverage our iconic brands and significant scale to deliver growth by shifting to where our customers are shopping — online, value and active.

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The dissemination of the product information should exhibit a fluidity that can all customers can relate to and effectively differentiates it from other proprietary or competitor merchandise. Where Generation Y may have been shaped by technology and pampered by their Generation X parents, Generation Z tends be more mature, smarter, and socially conscious Wallop, They strive to differentiate themselves based on branding and their interpretation of fashion trends. Further diversifying its retailers by adding product lines such as Gap Maternity, Gap Body, Gap Baby, and Gap Kids ensures that almost any age segment can be satisfied. Brendan, and Michael, Demographic marketing is most effective because it easily allows for upward or downward shifts in target audiences based on the product line being featured and economic conditions. Buyer Behavior and Buying Process The buying behavior of young Japanese vary between outlandish fabrics and blurring the gender lines. Report contains more detailed discussion of Gap Inc. The choice of distribution method varies in terms of the convenience of product delivery through wholesalers versus the preference of direct sales to customers or retailers. Gustafsson, and B. The effectiveness of a demographic marketing segmentation is a simple approach based on variables that include, but are not limited to, ethnicity, age, income, and education, which are easily divided into additional sub categories. The company is trying to match its products to such geographical differences. It is obvious of course, that the Gap Inc.

The expansion was simply too rapid and the company is now paying the price. Global businesses, such as Gap Inc. For instance, the share price of Gap Inc. In an effort to support the improvement of garment factories worldwide, Gap Inc.

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Fulton, and J. External research may be used in order to determine the preferred demographic target, and should consist of both external continuous and ad hoc data sources of research elements.

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