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Princeton To me leadership is more than just the ability to have people follow you and do as you say.

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They were born natural leaders with built-in qualities of leadership and attained greatness by divine design. This goes against the concept of the American Dream. Great Person Theory: In earlier times leadership was considered mainly as a quality associated with the males however with the emergence of many great women leaders in future, this theory was recognized as the great person theory in place of great men theory. Known as the great man theory, the formation of leadership has developed into the study of leadership characteristics, to be supplanted by the theories I will be discussing in my essay. Research has instead found that leadership is a surprisingly complex subject and that numerous factors influence how successful a particular leader may or may not be. A transformational leader is able to develop not only followers, but is also able to develop the overall vision of the company in a positive manner. Historian Thomas Carlyle also had a major influence on this theory of leadership, at one point stating that, "The history of the world is but the biography of great men. Journal of Effective Management, 3 2 , According to the theory, leadership calls for certain qualities like charm, persuasiveness, commanding personality, high degree of intuition, judgment, courage, intelligence, aggressiveness and action orientation which are of such a nature that they cannot be taught or learnt in a formal sense. Introduction As I have read about it, a particular interest in my has been raising about the wonderful way many people has utilized their natural abilities as a medium of reunion and leadership. We also find Oprah Winfrey, who not only is one of the most richest women in the world, but named also as the most influential women in it. Traits which are needed for maintaining leadership are different from those which are needed for acquiring leadership. Psychosocial Psychology Have you ever heard the phrase, "Great leaders are born, not made"?

It has to be learned and attained from those around you or your own inner drive to be a great leader. One either has them or does not have them.

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Other examples to refute this nativism theory are Stephen R. Cherry, K. They have special characteristics in their behavior that cannot be found in other people, as much as they are capable of change the course of history The 7 habits of highly effective people. Boloden, R. In fact, the Great Man Theory dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times when leadership used to be correlated with certain peculiar mental, physical and personality characteristics. It would be a disappointment to leaders to think that they are just ordinary people who were in the right place just at the right time Bass. What are your concerns?

Some leadership theories are focusing on personality behaviors and traits, at the same time others concentrate on broader perspectives to know how leaders relate to their followers Such qualities include: emotional stability and maturity, self-confidence, decisiveness, strong drive, optimism, extrovertness, achievement orientation, purposefulness, discipline, skill in getting along with others, integrity in character and a tendency to be cooperative.

Leadership qualities cannot be transmitted through education and exposure. Provo: Free Press.

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Cherry, K. The basic idea of the theory is that leaders are born and not made. Limitations: The trait theory is described as out-dated by many modern theorists.

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Leadership is seen to be distinguished as simply a trait found in extraordinary individuals. Great Man Theory of Leadership: One of the early notions of leadership, which is still popular in certain circle, is that leadership is an inborn quality. Known as the great man theory, the formation of leadership has developed into the study of leadership characteristics, to be supplanted by the theories I will be discussing in my essay. Great Man Theory What moves an individual to raise as a great leader. They were born natural leaders with built-in qualities of leadership and attained greatness by divine design. Invisible Children Kings were supposed to acquire their legitimacy from God Himself. Leadership is the ability to bring clarification on the vision, help others achieve their goals, and develop and inspire the people of the organization. Beginning with the trait theorists and Great Man concept through behavioral and situational ideologies, leadership theory is constantly evolving The leadership role requires an individual to influence, inspire and direct a group of people.

They were great leaders of their time. Leaders seems to have traits that are common with artists, like creativity, than managers do.

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The so called born leaders tend to be misfits in the modern complex fast changing conditions. Trait Theory of Leadership: A modification of the Great Man Theory is the Trait Theory which argues that leadership qualities or traits can be acquired. Was this page helpful? Its basic validity is questioned on several accounts: 1. These questions or statements cannot be mutually similar alternatives. Even today, people often describe prominent leaders as having the right qualities or personality for the position, implying that inherent characteristics are what make these people effective leaders. The idea of great man theory supports the idea that the ability to lead is natural and cannot be created. However, serious deficiencies in the above qualities may be disastrous for leaders. These qualities tend to help leaders to organise and coordinate human effort, to guide and motivate people in task situations, to make sound decisions, to achieve concrete results and goals, to resolve conflict and to manage organisational change. In The Study of Sociology, Spencer wrote, "you must admit that the genesis of a great man depends on the long series of complex influences which has produced the race in which he appears, and the social state into which that race has slowly grown
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Leadership in Management and the "Great Man' theory Essay