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This is because some environments provide more favorable conditions for new societies than other environments. Accounts that will be deemed adequate will discuss specific groups of people, at a specified period of time.

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This can supply parts of continents that lack suitable candidates with the basis to adopt food production. The film contrasts the lives of the Incas and that of the Spaniards. Any chance of regrouping, by the Incas, was rendered untenable due to germs and infections that came with the Spaniards. He wants to know why other races are unable to be as advanced with technology and power. The societies that were prevalent at that time were those of hunter-gatherers, using stone- and bonetools to hunt wild animals and gathering wild plants. Around 50, years ago. With his book, Diamond tries to provide an answer for this question. Karl Haushofer got his ideas from his contemporary and rival, geo-strategist and theoretician Halford John MacKinder. Gun, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies delivers a clear theory as to why the Europeans were able to conquer almost the entire world in less then one millennium. How did germs work against the Europeans in their imperialist efforts in Africa?

Diamond says there are four main reasons the Europeans rose to power and were able to expand across the globe. I will therefore attempt to confine this review on the "meat and potatoes" of his book: the dramatic Spanish conquest of the Incas; the impact of continental geography on food production; and finally, the origins of the Eurasian development of guns, germs, and steel Pizzarro also had a written language and the Incas did not.

How did Europe somehow gain the upper hand so early in history? Jared Diamond, an esteemed historian takes readers on a journey through time.

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It is in the Middle East that farming or agricultural practice developed and later spread to North Africa before being adopted by the Europeans.

In the following, the chain of causation that Diamond gives, leading from food production to proximate factors such as guns, germs and steel, will be set out.

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Guns Germs and Steel Research Paper