Health promotion evaluation

health promotion evaluation plan template

Resources to Learn More The Evaluation Center Website The website is designed to build capacity to a broad array of organizations and includes research and resources to promote effective health promotion and disease prevention evaluation using publications, checklists, and presentations related to conducting evaluations.

The final assessment took place in April Process measures Process measures examine all the steps and activities taken in implementing a program and the outputs they generate, such as the number and type of educational materials for a stress management class that are developed and given to employees.

As a result, providers may engage in health promotion, risk reduction and early detection of disease through screening which is an efficient way of allotting scarce resources.

Geneva: WHO; Interventions- in-community tend to operate on sub-groups within specific settings and may employ simpler methods. RR : HPS can be regarded as another way of schooling rather than an add-on programme [ 37 ].

evaluation of public health interventions
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Evaluation of health promotion, public health or public policy interventions