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Helen's father, Arthur Keller, was a captain in the Confederate army.

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There is no cure for individual or social disorder, except in forgetfulness and annihilation. She first wrote a number of articles for a magazine called the Ladies' Home Journal. How can women hope to help themselves while we and our brothers are helpless against the powerful organizations which modern parties represent and which contrive to rule the people? But now that I have come out for Socialism he reminds me and the public that I am deaf and blind and especially liable to error. She joined the American Foundation for the Blind and traveled the country giving speeches and raising money for the foundation. Helen Keller's Awards and Honors During her lifetime, she received many honors in recognition of her accomplishments, including the Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal in , the Presidential Medal of Freedom in , and election to the Women's Hall of Fame in Annie Sullivan Soon Helen's parents realized that she needed some special help. Could they win some visible goal which they have set on the horizon, how happy they would be!

The two actresses also performed those roles in the award-winning film version of the play. We have found that our great philosophers and our great men of action are optimists. Every optimist moves along with progress and hastens it, while every pessimist would keep the world at a standstill.

Physicians, The New Republic December, 18, The sun had been under a cloud all day, and there had been brief showers; but suddenly the sun broke forth in all its southern splendour.

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I who cannot see find hundreds of things to interest me through mere touch. I thought it strange that my teacher could not show me love.

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Helen Keller is the American dream