High school research paper lesson

Explore how to search Google using your voice i.

research paper worksheets

This resource explains more about the fact checking process. Look up the definition of plagiarism using a variety of sources dictionary, video, Wikipedia etc. Have a whole class or small group discussion about the data.

Discuss if any domains might be more reliable than others and why e. When all students have finished their outlines, have them present them to the class. The first one explains a straightforward five step process for teaching students how to research and filter information.

Investing time in this process will also pay off throughout the year and the years to come. Try one to try out.

High school research paper lesson

Find a collection of resources on a topic and add them to a Wakelet. Report back to the class on the pros and cons. In one search, type in one or two keywords e. List the pros and cons of using voice and text to search. This relationship encourages creative intelligence on the part of both teacher and student, which in turn may broaden the notion of literacy so as to include more learning styles. Once they have selected the type of outline they will complete, ask them to gather facts on their selected topic. These could be shared with the class and the students asked to decide which one shows an example of plagiarism. Discuss the images in pairs or small groups. Make a Venn diagram comparing the similarities and differences.

Open two different search engines in your browser such as Google and Bing. Why not try a few activities in a staff meeting?

Scaffolding assists students in moving to levels of language performance they might be unable to obtain without this support.

Research paper lesson plan 8th grade

What can you tell? Once they have finished gathering information, they should follow the information provided in the video lesson to complete their outline. Learn the keyboard shortcuts to help manage tabs e. Students examine informational text, use an inquiry-based approach, and practice genre-specific strategies for expository writing. Fill out the form below or simply click here to find the sign-up form in your browser. What happens? Some activities suggest coming up with a list of words, questions, or phrases.

I can email you a copy of an eBook I put together. Consider keywords, questions, synonyms, alternative phrases etc.

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