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Hypotheses and theories are not considered. Each item should be sent as a Word.

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If your story is about chimps in Guinea using cleavers and anvils, you might mention the different tools that chimps in the Republic of Congo use for termite fishing. Commentaries fit an integral number of Nature pages, generally one page words plus one small figure or two pages 1, words plus two small figures.

This paragraph should explicitly refer to the paper or meeting under discussion and touch on the significance of the new work.

Go over your interviews.

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If the News and Views article is to accompany a paper in the same issue of Nature, the paper should be given a formal reference and be referred to in the text in the form " Essays and Futures Essays Nature publishes commissioned essays, including Concepts.

Titles are brief generally a single line and relatively informal.

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The closing date for entries is 11 May Coming up in this series: How to …. You might salvage a sentence or two, but email makes for clunky quotes: people do not speak the way they write. You will find gems. Top of page 6. Articles should not read like textbooks: most readers will have a general scientific background but specialized terminology should be avoided. Last authors are often senior scientists. Make an effort to get the details that readers want to know. Essays and Futures Essays Nature publishes commissioned essays, including Concepts. What is the striking result? Nevertheless, it is perfectly possible to write a great news story that takes the contents of a research paper as its starting point. They do not contain unsolicited material. Here are some guidelines.

References should be listed at the end of the article in the usual Nature style but without the titles of citations. What do the results mean in plain English? What does it add?

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