How to write an interview article sample

how to write an interview article sample

One is a "delayed lede," in which a person is introduced before his or her relevance is revealed. Here are a few possible ways to order them: least to most important.

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Before you become aware of how to write an interview essay and start preparing it, we suggest you recall or find out a more detailed definition of this writing. Here you have several options of how to address the audience first- or second-person narration. Try to gather at least three to five broad subjects from this first reading.

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But you should seek a variety of perspectives and several expert opinions. How do you think people change as they age? Start with the question followed by a summary and analysis of the questions and answers. What are you most passionate about?

How to turn an interview into an article

Biographical material is important, but should not be overemphasized: the biography is background to the news. Generally, you will want to choose a topic which is arguable — this means a topic in which there are varying opinions. Decide on an approach. But carefully-observed details and well-chosen verbs make a much stronger impression than adjectives. Obviously, your story will be grounded by your familiarity with your own school. If you give your undivided attention to your subject as he or she speaks, you might be surprised at the questions that pop into your mind as you go along with the interview. Another thing to keep in mind is that the actual interview might be full of half sentences, unspoken words or sudden changes of topic. I think that, the more high-profile the source, the more I like the transcription.

Pull out and refine these broad subject areas and place them temporarily in your transcript as your subheads.

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How to write an interview article for a magazine