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Stewie is portrayed as a genius inventing many strange and destructive devices. Such capability in every individual is important for daily social living, since language is the prime tool for an understanding between two minds. Nathanson contended that active mediation instructive mediation is the most highly recommended form of parental involvement, and it entails the conversation parents have with their regarding the content of television. Just that time white women got their electoral right, but their role in the society had not changed so much. In yet another study, Ledingham postulated the consequence of viewing violent cartoons was overestimated in that there abound a blend of violent and nonviolent cartoons. So, they improve their speaking skills. Children, who have been under peer pressure, have had themselves to blame. They try to speak in the same manner. According to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child a child is a person, who is below 18 years, except where the law is applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier.

Strasburger contests if media violence contributes to real-life violence, how come the Japanese society is not more affected?

In addition, Murphy et al contended that educational video games have been revealed to increase performance in a range of areas from algebra to computer programming.

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Having more channels to select from and more television sets, parents and children now have the chance to watch their favourite programmes by themselves. In this socialization gender role process , children are introduced to certain roles that are typically attached to their biological sex. For example, if they watch a program about the galaxy or solar system, you could take them on a visit to the planetarium and even point out constellations and planets to hem in the night sky. Secondly, as children spend greater part of their time in the home and in school, parents and school authorities should make concerted efforts to reduce the amount of violent cartoons children watch in the home and outside the home. Cartoons are also a source for entertainment. Children from families of higher socio-economic status usually spend less time with television. In addition, the online edition of the Cambridge Dictionary of English defined cartoon as the drawing that is usually published in newspapers or magazines sharing jokes or making politically inclined criticism in a humours fashion. It further determined the cartoons that children watch the most, whether they watch these cartoons under the guidance of parents and the negative and positive effects of cartoons on them. Arguably, not all cartoons contain things that are inappropriate for children. Positive mediation includes pointing out positive messages, highlighting good things television characters do and agreeing with messages. In addition, it consolidates the study of Oyero and Oyesom which found that parents as well as children believed that cartoons influence children positively. In the episodes, Stewie attempts killing or injuring a family member and even when he is beaten mercilessly with a baseball bat or shot with an automatic weapon, The Griffins get all right within few minutes later.

Psychologists emphasize the negative impacts of cartoons on children. Each child spends around two or three or even more hours per day watching cartoons. Nathanson said active mediation is at times classified into positive and negative mediation.

Many parents agreed today that every child is interested in cartoons.

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Moreover, it allowed the researcher to make generalisations from the sampled population. These gender roles are set on children from birth and are taught until eventually they are accepted as adults. The response of each respondent was written down and tagged by a research identity, while tables and graphs were used to present data from primary sources.

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Cartoons help children develop imagination, but its negative impact may be that children can stay in the imaginary world for a long interval.

Data gathered for the study was derived from primary sources.

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Studies have shown that literacy influence an individual's future , because it plays a major role in an individual 's employment and opportunity for personal and professional development through basic and higher education. AACAP also stresses the need for parents to keep a close eye on what their children watch. Socialization is carried out through so-called agents peer group, church, family, school, etc. Language Aids Encourage your child to watch programs with language aids that help them learn letters of the alphabet, words, and rhymes. Cartoons are more attractive for children. Literacy among children holistically involved the ability to use language for communication and interaction with other people. How violence is portrayed in cartoons in Japan is at variance with the depiction of violence in cartoons in the United States. Criticising only the things we dislike and letting those which we like evade scrutiny is dangerous Sternheimer, Such cartoons can teach children in a fun and interactive way, thus making learning an enjoyable activity. It would be beter to inform people why this cartoon has a downside. Thus, according to Bandura media models can activate channel and support pro-social behaviour. Consequently, television viewing was largely a family event. I examined a variety of cartoons on both commercial and public television to observe the content of children's programming and determine the effects, both positive and negative, that programs have on children. After viewing this scene, Matthew, a five-year old boy, asked his mother when his dog would get her watch.

Parents seem to be happy with this as along as the cartoon doesn't promote sex or any kind of violence.

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