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PTCL is a largest telecommunications provider in Pakistan. With employee strength of 30, and 5.

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PTCL is the giant of Pakistan telecommunication industry and enjoying the monopoly. To lead the telecommunication industry in Pakistan. On the long distance and international infrastructure side, the submarine cables is being expanded to meet the increasing demand of international traffic.

Internship Program is a conventional constituent is part of total spectrum of M.

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This new advisory team initiated work in September and a lot of steps were taken on their recommendations. The division is made on the basis of function they perform.

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Ufone now covers more than cities and towns, prominent highways and caters for international roaming with operators worldwide. I owe considerable debt to large number of persons who either directly or indirectly helped me during various phases of internship. O CPE installers E. It plays an important role in determining the long-term objectives and evaluating the feasibility of the business. In , Privatization Commission, GOP appointed a new financial advisor to implement the strategic sale. The details regarding this section will be covered in finance section with reference to my project. The source of my information for the preparation of this report also includes the written notes, literatures and verbal discussion with staff members and my fellows. Due to IT department working system is to converted in a computerized system. The price of the vouchers in the first and second issue was Rs.
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