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Come up with your own theory and let the brain hacking begin. Experiment to see which fruit juices can produce electricity 3. In this case you may add some oxygen in the form of hydrogen peroxide to the salt water.

Test to see if such electrodes can light up a bulb. This may seem impossible. In order to combat this, researchers and doctors have begun infusing iodine into regular table salts.

investigatory project examples for high school

Renewable Energy Projects For a hands-on investigation into renewable energy, students could build a bicycle generator to explore how alternative power sources could power homes and devices.

Your project goal would be to research methods of filtration or purification and test it on cooking oils. Place one end of the black wire under the other screw, make a loop and then tighten the screw. For volcanoes, students could build a model of a volcano and demonstrate different types of eruptions and their effects.

Science investigatory project examples with materials and procedures

Just follow the instructions and you will get results in the first try. These projects not only allow students to ask questions and investigate changes, they benefit scientists with the data they collect. The investigators have observed that Santan flowers have a sweet liquid that comes out when they sip the stem of the flower. Well, let the investigation begin. And who knows, maybe in doing this you'll actually figure out what was missing from previous attempts. Hobby shop propellers help students to explore how wind propellers affect electricity production. They made some minor improvements to the taste to make it have a lot more delectable taste.

Paper contains moist cellulose fibre from organic materials. Project 8: Perfecting the Paper Bridge Of course, an investigatory project doesn't always have to answer such grand questions.

Investigatory project in chemistry

Replace electrodes of your kit with other metals such as coins, nails to see which other metals can be used as electrodes. Below is an example project that creates soap from guava leaf extract and sodium hydroxide, but there's no shortage of materials you can use to replace the guava, like coconut oil or a fat like lard, butter or even the grease from your kitchen. Paper contains moist According to what the researchers have discovered, with the aid of the internet, flower juices are made as a national drink to other countries and some people have them as a refreshing beverage. There are folks out there who do suffer from real memory problems, so figuring out how to help improve memory makes for a great investigatory project. What's an Investigatory Project Exactly? I could not believe it myself the first time that I heard about it. Pass the open end of the red wire through the arm of the red alligator clip and secure it under the screw. With the high prices of regular gasoline and diesel fuel, the possibility of creating a usable diesel fuel from household cooking oils is pretty exciting. For more information on how to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer, check out my previous article , or Yumi's recent illustration for other ideas. Students can investigate ideas for global food security and improvements to nutrition, such as finding more environmentally friendly farming methods and underused, nutrient-rich plant species. Adult supervision is required.
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List of Investigatory Projects Experiments in Chemistry