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Largely out of economic necessity, the Roach Studios began to star Laurel and Hardy in feature films. Stan Laurel original name Arthur Stanley Jefferson; b. James C. After Stan Laurel's death in , there were two major motion-picture tributes: Laurel and Hardy's Laughing '20s was Robert Youngson's compilation of the team's silent-film highlights, and The Great Race was a large-scale salute to slapstick that director Blake Edwards dedicated to "Mr. In the operatic Technicolor musical The Rogue Song , Laurel and Hardy appear in 10 sequences, only one of which is known to exist with the complete soundtrack. Even then, Laurel and Hardy never lost their commitment to self-deprecating humor, as opposed to put-downs. Vivien Oakland appeared in several early silent films, and later talkies including Scram! The original theme, recorded by two clarinets in , was recorded again with a full orchestra in Partly due to the positive response from the television broadcast the pair began renegotiating with Hal Roach, Jr. Upon their return to the European stage in , they undertook a well-received series of public appearances, performing a short sketch Laurel had written called "A Spot of Trouble". According to the notes, Ollie informs Stan that the television program has an audience of six million and that host Henry Hall is "going to introduce us to them". And yet, they were determined to keep performing. They made their feature debut in Pardon Us and went on to star in 13 more features through With any director, if Laurel said 'I don't like this idea,' the director didn't say 'Well, you're going to do it anyway. While Laurel and Hardy could not speak these foreign languages they received voice coaching for their lines.

However, plans for the specials had to be shelved as the ageing comedians continued to suffer from declining health. But the thin, sad-faced one, the one from whose fertile mind sprang many of the universally humorous notions that have been borrowed so freely by the comedians who have followed is still with us.

Replacing a washing machine with a player piano, the pair have endless trouble lugging the packing case up the steep steps that nursemaid Lilyan Irene is descending with a pram.

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Horne on the Laurel and Hardy films, Laurel would rewrite entire sequences or scripts. And yet they continued to tour.

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Arthur Housman made several appearances as a comic drunk. Moreover, the segment in which Stan and Ollie make young Jacquie Lynn feel at home is charming. June 16,Lancashire, England—d.

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Stan & Ollie: The story of Laurel and Hardy's final tour