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Stahl believed that every combustible substance contained a universal component of fire, which he named phlogiston, from the Greek word for inflammable. Their work was only partially completed and published because of the disruption of the Revolution; but Lavoisier's pioneering work in this field served to inspire similar research on physiological processes for generations to come. Today, we want to focus on one particular of his achievements, his theory of combustion. He reported the results of his first experiments on combustion in a note to the Academy on 20 October, in which he reported that when phosphorus burned, it combined with a large quantity of air to produce acid spirit of phosphorus , and that the phosphorus increased in weight on burning. They were, in fact, middle-men in the tax process and they made money themselves by keeping a percentage of the taxes they collected as fees for their work. Lavoisier did not expect his ideas to be adopted at once, because those who believed in phlogiston would "adopt new ideas only with difficulty. An immense series of experiments remains to be made. Thus, Becher described phlogiston as a process that explained combustion through a process that was opposite to that of oxygen. Lavoisier began his full-scale attack on phlogiston in , claiming that "Stahl's phlogiston is imaginary. Physiological work Lavoisier wearing goggles operates his solar furnace to prevent contamination from combustion products. Lavoisier entered the school of law, where he received a bachelor's degree in and a licentiate in He also attempted to introduce reforms in the French monetary and taxation system to help the peasants. Lavoisier as a social reformer Lavoisier conducting an experiment on respiration in the s Research benefitting the public good While Lavoisier is commonly known for his contributions to the sciences, he also dedicated a significant portion of his fortune and work toward benefitting the public. Over the next 15 years, he would show that oxygen was a key ingredient in both air and water However, he continued his scientific education in his spare time.

Stahl believed that every combustible substance contained a universal component of fire, which he named phlogiston, from the Greek word for inflammable. Trudaine, in turn, urged Lavoisier to look into the matter without delay. One of the methods Lavoisier used to spread his ideas was to construct a new and logical system for naming chemicals.

In JuneLavoisier reacted oxygen with inflammable air, obtaining "water in a very pure state.

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The goal was to bring water from the river Yvette into Paris so that the citizens could have clean drinking water. In a second sealed note deposited with the Academy a few weeks later 1 November Lavoisier extended his observations and conclusions to the burning of sulfur and went on to add that "what is observed in the combustion of sulfur and phosphorus may well take place in the case of all substances that gain in weight by combustion and calcination: and I am persuaded that the increase in weight of metallic calces is due to the same cause.

Although Lavoisier was independently wealthy, thanks to a considerable fortune inherited from his mother, he sought to increase his wealth in order to pursue his scientific career on a larger scale.

Lavoisier interpreted facts discovered by others and corrected them for errors.

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For Priestly, when things burned, they lost phlogiston, and became lighter; but we would say they combine with oxygen, and we now know that things het heavier when this happens. Together with another scientist, Pierre-Simon Laplace, Lavoisier used a calorimeter to measure the heat given out and the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a respiring guinea pig in a given amount of time. Marie Anne Paulze was the daughter of one of Lavoisier's business partners. According to his wife: "It was for him a day of happiness; some friends who shared his views and some young men proud to be admitted to the honor of collaborating in his experiments assembled in the morning in the laboratory. In Lavoisier repeated Cavendish's experiment and came to a very different conclusion. In cooperation with mathematician Pierre Simon de Laplace , Lavoisier synthesized water by burning jets of hydrogen and oxygen in a bell jar over mercury. Video: Who Discovered Oxygen? Burn a lump of lead, and the product what is left behind will be heavier than the original lump. By defining elements as the last points of analysis, Lavoisier opened up new investigative possibilities. The next day, his friend, the French mathematician Joseph-Louis Lagrange, remarked that "it took them only an instant to cut off that head, and a hundred years may not produce another like it. French chemist Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, considered to be the founder of modern chemistry.

He was involved in French taxation politics during a turbulent time in the country's history—the French Revolution the first major social revolution proclaiming the liberty of the individual [ca.

It spelled out the influence of heat on chemical reactions, the nature of gases, the reactions of acids and bases to form salts, and the apparatus used to perform chemical experiments.

Lavoisier worked with him on the Alsace-Lorraine area of the country.

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His theories of combustion, his development of a way to classify the elements and the first modern textbook of chemistry led to his being known as the father of modern chemistry. Sponsorship of the sciences Lavoisier had a vision of public education having roots in "scientific sociability" and philanthropy. Mikhail Lomonosov — had previously expressed similar ideas in and proved them in experiments; others whose ideas pre-date the work of Lavoisier include Jean Rey — , Joseph Black — , and Henry Cavendish — Lavoisier came to the conclusion that matter had not been lost during these reactions. He was able to give an accurate percentage for the amount of oxygen in the air and he had realized its significance in combustion and respiration. Lavoisier stated, "la respiration est donc une combustion," that is, respiratory gas exchange is a combustion, like that of a candle burning. Now the British navy was planning to test the drink as a treatment for scurvy, a disease that plagued sailors on long sea voyages. Forgoing his baccalaureate of arts degree, Lavoisier yielded to the influence of his father and studied law, receiving a law degree in Marie Anne Lavoisier fought tirelessly for her husband's name to be cleared of all charges and this happened eighteen months after his death when he was declared innocent. Its English title is Elements of Chemistry, and it is just that.

Physiological work Lavoisier wearing goggles operates his solar furnace to prevent contamination from combustion products. Priestley was also a very busy chemist.

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