Laziness should be abandoned to nurture success

The specific product in your cart may be one out of dozens of products they are considering. You are better than you think. Renouncing this kind of self-abandonment is a journey that often feels frustratingly Sisyphean.

super lazy

This in turn activates her Inner Critic to goad her with perfectionistic and endangering messages. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Overreaction to depression essentially reinforces learned toxic shame. A relational approach to healing abandonment I am a relational therapist, because I believe this journey requires reparative relational experience.

A s the baby grew my strength also grew so that I could still tote kids around on my back when they were 3-years old. Eventually even the mildest hint of fear or depression, no matter how functional or appropriate, is automatically deemed as danger-ridden and overwhelming as the original abandonment.

Blessedly, with ongoing practice, I gradually learned to disidentify from the toxic vocabulary of the critic.

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