Literary magazines publishing personal essays

Proud geeks. Arc Poetry Magazine Who are they? Extra Crispy Extra Crispy pays for personal essays about food. GameSkinny Who are they?

Literary magazines publishing personal essays

Each issue of the magazine has a theme. The submission page is old, but still up to date. It will be worth the wait, though — the community is great. These are top 10 sources that will not only present the story to the world but provide writers with help and advice for a better result. All in our free email magazine. A small-to-medium gaming website in terms of size, GameSkinny publish fairly frequently and promise to help you get to the top of your game. We send you reviews of freelance writing companies, assignments, and articles to help build your writing career. One Story Who are they? They run a print publication and, because they love spoiling us, regularly publish online, too.

Write Naked Who are they? Some of these websites operate seasonally, which means that they might not accept your submission at this point in time.

slate personal essays

The pay is variable. A titan of the list world that never seems to run out of content ideas. In fact, personal essays have a strong tradition in magazines and newspapers.

Obsessed with the bizarre, unknown, and obscure, Top Tenz is another list-based website with a big audience. A massively popular pop culture website with a huge following on social media.

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Publish Your Personal Essay: 19 Magazines and Websites to Pitch