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Technical Products The Company's technical products business produces performance-based substrates, such as filtration media for transportation, water and other filtration markets, and saturated and coated performance materials used for industrial backings, labels and a range of other end markets. Its technical products are sold to other manufacturers as components for their finished products. The fine paper and packaging business also sells private watermarked paper and other specialty writing, text and cover papers. The fine paper and packaging business also produces and sells other specialty papers that address a consumer's need, such as translucent papers, art papers, papers for optical scanning and other specialized applications. I worked at Neenah full-time for more than a year Pros - Work schedule flexibility dependent on machine run schedule - Tons of low hanging fruit projects to work on and freedom to take on new projects and spend money - Plant manager has a good head on his shoulders, but is too disconnected from issue at hand - There were so many good people in low management Filtration media for transportation, including induction air, fuel, oil, and cabin air applications. Place people in the Premask paper is used as a protective over wrap for products during the manufacturing process and for applying signs, labeling and other finished products. Label and tag stock is sold to pressure sensitive coaters, who in turn sell the coated label and tag stock to the label printing community. In addition, certain technical products are manufactured along with fine paper and packaging products in shared facilities located in upstate New York and Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

Fine Paper and Packaging The Company's fine paper and packaging business manufactures and sells writing, text, cover and specialty papers and envelopes used in corporate identity packages, invitations, personal stationery, labels and packaging, and format applications. The synthetic label stock is used for outdoor applications.

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Bright papers are used in applications, such as direct mail, advertising inserts, scrapbooks and marketing collateral. Label and tag products made from both saturated base label stock and purchased synthetic base label stock, with coatings applied to allow for variable and digital printing.

Other latex saturated and coated papers are used by a range of manufacturers. Additionally, business papers for professionals and small businesses are sold under its Southworth brand through retailers.

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Most of the lower management trying to keep communication stream flowing - Senior leadership is disconnected from the issues at hand on the floor level and has been making no effort to connect with their lower salary and hourly staff - Union contract is excessively lenient preventing removal of any employees short of committing a felony - Career growth is linear, you are waiting for the next person to either move up or leave the company - Upper management calls for change but makes no effort to drive it.

Place people in the The fine paper and packaging business is a supplier of high-end printing and specialty papers and packaging in North America.

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Keep the strong salaried employees and grow your team - You have all the right salary employees in all the wrong locations. Specialty backings, including saturated and unsaturated crepe and flat paper tapes sold to manufacturers to produce finished pressure sensitive products for sale in automotive, transportation, manufacturing, building construction, and industrial general purpose applications, including sales in the consumer-do-it-yourself retail channel, and coated lightweight abrasive paper used in the automotive, construction, metal and woodworking industries for both waterproof and dry sanding applications.

The Company has two primary businesses: technical products, and fine paper and packaging.

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