Play truant essay

The certain individual is the only one that ever did anything illegal while sloughing school. So why are the copy picking up truant students and spending their time with students when they could be out keeping traffic laws upheld or at a car accident helping somebody that needs help more than the student.

Some students would never slough in the first place because they know that they could not stop once they started. The third arrest results in an automatic enrollment at the Independence school. Playing truancy not only harm our own self, but also the staff in school.

The consequence of playing truancy is dire!

truancy in school

My school, SMK S. He almost was kicked out of high school because he was having fun at his house or he was getting something to eat. They think that force is the only way when it is actually the wrong way. Ed just felt bad about what was happening to his parents.

They want lessons to be made more interesting and challenging by the teachers so that they will not be tempted to play truant. In the nutshell truancy become a top issue among Malaysian students in order produce a great future generation.

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