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Her focus on sonics is decidedly poetic, but the form of her poems follow the conventions of prose: sentences begin with a capitalization and end in a period, commas offset separate clauses, and indentations begin each paragraph.

This means that an appropriate structure for writing a commentary may be to follow this development. Genre is murky, and genres bleed into each other, especially in the case of short prose.

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Conclusion A brief conclusion to round off your commentary enables you to summarise the way that you have illuminated what the poem or passage is about and how it works.

I, too, love my clothes. Persona is elastic. By making another poetic move to subvert grammar, Greenberg demonstrates the fast-paced nature of her thoughts surrounding the adrenaline and happiness she would feel if she were thin, dancing in the dressing room.

The first word of each sentence is capitalized. The voice of retrospection builds meaning at the end of an essay by looking back on those past selves and providing commentary that reveals some nugget of truth, or illuminates a new idea.

While an essay requires you to draw on the work as a whole to show knowledge, analysis and argument that relates to and illuminates the question set, a commentary illuminates the meaning of a particular poem or passage and the way it works. Another resource for prose poems is the poems themselves.

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Animals have no sense of mercy.

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Poetry Vs. Prose: What's The Difference?