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With growing scrutiny in healthcare and a record number of breaches increasing at an alarming rate, healthcare organizations are taking preventive measures in order to avoid breaches and possible fines. Protecting the privacy of research participants and maintaining the confidentiality of their data have always been paramount in research and a fundamental tenet of clinical research.

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The data are prepseudonymized at the data source and transferred to the trusted third party, which converts the prepseudonyms data into a final pseudo-ID. HIPAA is very specific in its requirements regarding the release of information, but is not as specific when it comes to the manner in which training and policies are developed and delivered within the health care industry The publication of best practices combined with a cooperative approach to compliance with security standards—such as self-evaluation, security audits, and certification programs—would also promote progress in this area. Penalties provide incentive for organizations to guarantee patient privacy and security. Health care providers, clearinghouses and health insurance plans must comply with the guidelines that HIPAA mandates. The act has provided the legislative laws that provide protection above allowing various state standards on the use of health information. The initiative for HIE is being driven by meaningful use requirements, coordination needs for new payment approaches, and federal financial incentives This Rule took effect in April, and provides protections to every patient whose information is collected, used or disclosed by covered entities. Typically, such methods reduce the granularity of representation in order to protect confidentiality. For example, the states have enacted the fair information practice restriction on use and disclosure of information in varying ways reviewed by Pritts,

Studies by Jha et al. The obvious concern - the potential for your records to be seen by hundreds of strangers who work in health care, the insurance industry, and a host of businesses associated with medical organizations Health care providers, clearinghouses and health insurance plans must comply with the guidelines that HIPAA mandates.

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With the conversion to electronic medical records and the creation of social media just to name a few, ensuring patient privacy is of the utmost importance for healthcare facilities in this day and age.

Surveys indicate that the public is deeply concerned about the privacy and security of personal health information, and that the HIPAA Privacy Rule has perhaps reduced—but not eliminated—those concerns.

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Patient after patient is coming in the emergency department for different thing and the nurse is becoming over whelmed. This medical information is suppose to only be available to the physician of record as well as other necessary health care and insurance personal. It is so important that in , the federal government introduced the Health Insurance …show more content… For example, the Affordable Care Act requires that all health plans comply with the law with stiffer penalties for those organizations that are noncompliant with the existing laws. In studies where patients were able to provide unstructured comments, they expressed concern about the potential that anonymized data would be reidentified. However, those who preferred not to be contacted at all were actually less likely than those who would grant conditional permission to have declined participating in a research study. Among the 38 percent who said they wanted notice and consent, 80 percent indicated that they would want to know the purpose of the research, and 46 percent wanted to know specifically whether the research could help their health condition or those of family members. If security is breached, the individuals whose health information was inappropriately accessed face a number of potential harms. In contrast, research practices have been governed largely by federal regulations called the Common Rule , which have historically focused on protecting individuals from physical and mental harm in clinical trials see subsequent sections of this chapter. Openness There should be a general policy of openness about developments, practices, and policies with respect to personal data. Privacy -preserving data mining and statistical disclosure limitation. Third, the use of personal electronic devices would make it almost impossible to aggregate data because of the difficulty of accessing data from multiple sources.

One of the major components of the meaningful use standards is interoperability of the system wherein exchanges and use of information can be utilized to improve the quality of care Passing of federal regulations which was the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of was facilitated by the requirement of having privacy as well as protection of personal records and data in an electronic medical records environment and t HIE job is used to facilitate access to and the retrieval of clinical data to provide safer, timelier, efficient, effective, equitable, and patient-centered care.

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