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Essay 8. Therefore, the form of government finance is totally irrelevant. At the same time, however, many of those to whom interest will be paid will be Indian citizens who own government securities.

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The government pays interest usually at less than the market rate. In economic theory, public debt is taken as asset of its holders. It also chokes off borrowing by households to acquire such durable goods as automobiles and homes. Interest paid on such debt is not a burden on society because any refunding or payment of interest on the debt at maturity involves merely a redistribution of purchasing power among citizens. The market demand for loanable funds is composed of the demand for credit by households, business firms, and governments at different levels— central, state and local. No compulsion is involved in the sale of such securities, except in abnormal situations such as war or emergency. The market rate of interest increases to i2 and the quantity of loanable funds supplied increases to L2. The implication is that debt finance, which results in a series of relatively small tax rates, is superior to tax finance on efficiency grounds. When the debt is paid off, there is a transfer of income from one group of citizens who do not hold bonds to another bondholders. If these extra funds exactly equal the amount of funds required to finance the deficit, the interest rate under the equilibrium is i1 the initial level. In such a situation, any transfer of resources from private to public use leaves the private sector with fewer resources. The domestic debt due to the purchase of an aircraft is likely to be liquidated by July, Ministry of Finance, , p. Criticisms: There are two main criticisms of the Barro-Ricardian proposition.

The government sector contributes to an increase in national saving when it spends less than it takes in. Also, in light of the concern raised against the ruling government regarding public debt, it was reported that the present government was able to bring down public debt—that is, exclusive of hydropower debt Lamsang, This problem may arise even though interest payments are included in taxable income.

The importance placed by the Bhutanese government on addressing the public debt issue is unequivocal.

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If this is the cse, the deficit can actually increase private investment by contributing to economic stability. The more a nation saves today, the greater will be its future rate of growth of output.

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The compensating intergenerational transfer therefore decreases the burden of the debt on the future generation. Thus only labour supply choices can be distorted and debt finance is unambiguously superior on efficiency grounds. These bequests help the future generation to pay the higher taxes that will be necessary to cover the interest payments on the debt in the future. What is more serious is that an increase in external debt lowers national income and raises the proportion of GNP that has to be set aside every year for servicing the external debt. Other things being equal, borrowing contributes to higher interest rates. Debt financing leads to lower investment and thus, in the long-run, to lower output and consumption. This surprising chart shows which countries own the most U. At the same, time borrowing makes it unnecessary to increase current taxes, thereby avoiding the need to force citizens to curtail current consumption and saving. Recently, they had deal with an earthquake that cause their economics decrease even more. In a similar vein, in the fiscal sector, the completion of the hydro-power projects is supposed to boost the domestic revenue-to-GDP ratio, thus, balancing fiscal deficit over the long run. So, should Bhutan worry about debt-servicing? This seems to be the most important point about the long-run impact of huge amount of public debt on economic growth.

This is the rationale for dividing the budget to current and capital components; while the former is tax financed, the latter is loan financed.

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Public Debt in India