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It performs as a basement for a detailed and specific plans formed at broken down levels of management. Responsiveness towards geographic shifts This is probably the most significant criteria of demographic changes in terms of real estate business as localization is one of the core concept of real estate.

History of real estate industry in bangladesh

They are seen playing football on computer screens instead of playing in the green spaces. The tallest building in Dhaka 30 stories has been constructed at Motijheel for office purpose. For real estate in Bangladesh income based segmentation is the mostly practiced where as — area or geographic based, type-e of family based segmentation are also meaningful. Since land value is very high in inner city areas, population density should be increased by adoption of multi-storied construction. Unless they have some additional capacity to repay the loan, they become a defaulter and it then becomes difficult for the financing organizations to manage the loan. A comprehensive and pragmatic housing policy should be adopted by the government, which will expedite housing developments. They passed a turbulent perish or dispersion whatever we say from after the liberation war. Physically, housing has extended from makeshift arrangement and permanent houses. But now it is also selling kathas also keeping singular families in mind. However, the savings in a given sector of land depend on the gross densities in number of dwellings per acre including the land required for common amenities like parks, playground, schools, shops, road etc. Amin Mohammad Foundation Probably it is the fastest growing developer and hence creating the biggest challenge towards its leaders of the market. This is a land speculation process may be called private land banking which has created a belt around the city. A simplified legal method should be established for all institutions and should be made mandatory. While selling apartments, the developers do not properly mention in their prospectus that the apartment is mortgaged against some borrowing.

It should also cover building regulations and related detailing of the building and also cover selection of materials. Besides these broad criticisms, many small problems have been identified from the responses by apartment users in different apartment blocks in the city.

Several new mechanized construction material manufacturing industries have recently come up due to the existence of this sector. Clinics, schools and NGO offices are being housed in apartments developed by the real estate developers.

How far this is tenable in context of conditions prevailing in developing countries must be studied in greater depth so that planned growth in high-rise housing construction can be promoted. Moreover, the concept of real was not as much popular.

MPD has always been exclusive with its large scale projects. Ethical standard has always been a premier focus of MPD. Become a critical part of revitalization in major cities of the world, including Dhaka.

Absence of community space or any playing area for the children.

A comprehensive study on the real estate sector of bangladesh

As a result apartment-owning is becoming increasingly popular. Residential buildings particularly for middle class low income groups. The result is a potential land price bubble in this area. Private sector can only be effective when soft term credit area extended to private developers for constructing apartments at lower cost catering for lower income families. Let us take demographic changes for example. For instance, last year the company cut down a large number of trees beside Dhaka- Aricha highway and promised to govt. Easy access. In the north of the city, modern blocks that would not look out of place in Hong Kong or Singapore surge upwards from s-era family houses, long considered obsolete, where residents were once able to have gardens.

If strengthening is the purpose, middle and low income groups should be targeted. Twenty years ago there were fewer than five companies in Bangladesh engaged in developing apartments while today there are more than developers.

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