Rural indian consumer behavior with a focus marketing essay

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Melas and Haats:- According to the Indian Market Research Bureau, around melas are held in rural India every year and annual sales at melas amount to Rs.

Rural indian consumer behavior with a focus marketing essay

Besides these melas, rural markets have the practice of fixing specific days in a week as Market Days when exchange of goods and services are carried out. By additional adventitious we beggarly to say that if a artefact does not bear the accepted value, because of bound assets BoP consumers will not be able to buy addition new product. The e-Choupal project thus brings out the concept of profitable rural development. At the same time ITC benefits from net procurement costs that are about 2. This lack of professional competition combined with the communal stranglehold on rural trading made commission agents extremely wealthy. Search our content:. So, the way the FMCG companies approach the rural population must be different from the way they approach the urban population. Accepting the award, Mr. Growth in Market The purchasing power in rural India is on steady rise and it has resulted in the growth of the rural market. Marketers would do well to first understand this and then designing products accordingly. Alan J. ITC's only mandate was that of 'Improving quality of life in rural India. ITC maintains commercial volumes and therefore commission checks flowing through e-Choupal by intelligently sequencing procurement and sales all year round. Daily wage earners tend to have little stock of money, and therefore tend to make purchases only to meet their daily needs. Back it comes to accomplishment of these college acclimation needs is that firms should go aloft the mentality of alone removing appearance or casework or accouterment abate SKUs in acclimation to accomplish them cheaper.

The mutuality and the strategic fit make it possible for ITC to scale up the initiative to a significant size. The company targeted the bottom rung of the farmers first as the company's vision was to cover the largest segment of rural India thus spanningvillages across 15 states by building capability to deliver superior shareholder value sustain ably.

How is the e-Choupal Different?

Principles of rural marketing

The farmer therefore did not have any incentive to improve the quality of the produce. Distribution costs and lack of retail outlets are major problems faced by the marketers. As a result, the nature of competition is much greater; a beverage manufacturer is not only competing but also other products that consumers may consider one-off luxury purchases such as shampoo. In acclimation to accomplish the access added acceptable we charge to accredit BoP apprenticeship and accouterment exchange services. The timing of the sale was thus more often than not sub-optimal. The most remarkable example in this context is the launch of sachets which has transformed the rural market considerably as packaging in smaller units and lesser-priced packs increases the product's affordability. They felt a systematic loss of dignity in the auctioning process. ITC expects each e-Choupal to serve five to seven villages in this 5-km radius. Gain to ITC Disintermediation Savings: The commissions paid to the agents were not excessive but the true cost of intermediation, including the rent seeking was between 2.

Sources of Efficiency in the New Model Pull based Marketing: This channel is different from the traditional channel where agricultural inputs were sold mainly by pushing it to the end customer through dealers, now farmers educated in best practices understand exactly what inputs they need and why they need it.

Infact, now the farmers can even access external pricing indicators such as prices on the Chicago Board of Trade website to track global trends and determine the optimum timing of their sale. The creation of shareholder value is enmeshed with economic empowerment, market linkage needs, and enhanced modal incomes of India's agrarian communities.

In terms of sheer reach the companies can gain significant competitive advantages as the rural market is highly fragmented and a brand needs to be on the shop shelf before it can be sold. The farmers traditionally kept a small amount for their personal consumption and got the produce processed in a small-scale job shop crushing plant.

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Rural Indian Consumer Behavior With A Focus Marketing Essay