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A cheap alternative to the flight-speedboat option is taking an 18 to hour ship journey from Cochin directly to Kadmat, though this is also fairly unreliable since a the ship schedule sometimes changes at the last minute and b the ships are very old and may be cancelled because of engine failure or things like that.

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They are about an hour and a half flight time from the mainland. Staying at the resort and paying for the dives are not expensive in fact, comparatively cheapbut getting to Kadmat is. Kadmat has no bar or Internet access.

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Visiting the Ganges River, considered holy by many Indians, is a hugely significant part of daily life for many locals. Want gear? Travel Guide Now that you know all about the underwater world, you might want to start planning your scuba holiday!

While on one side we have the great desert in the west, where it hardly rains at all, on the other hand, we have the North Eastern region of the country where it rains around the year.

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Flights within the country are reasonable, so it may be in your best interest to fly from region to region. Diving for the first time? In this dive site you will see at least 20 green turtles, sometimes 50 to in one hour! If you do manage to fly to Lakshadweep, you have to take a 3 to 4-hour speedboat transfer to Kadmat.

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5 best places to go scuba diving in India